Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

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    Question Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

    I've been obsessing about getting a tablet now for the past 6 months .... LOL

    Finally ready to get one. I bought a Galaxy Note 10.1 but didn't really like it - sent it back. I went to Best Buy to checkout the goods and I liked the Win8 hybrids .. but expensive. Craigslist and ebay have the Asus EP121 at about 550 to 600 and it has an i5 architecture and a 'real' (non-atom) processor.

    Wondering if that should persuade me to go that route rather than spending the extra 2 to 3 hundred for the atom-based Win8 tablet / laptops? Maybe just upgrade the ep121 to win8??

    Any info on whether the performance would be better on the new Windows 8 tablets than on the EP121? Thoughts or advice?


    Al in SoCal

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    Default Re: Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

    I have no experience with the ep121 itself, but share the same questions as you you have.
    I can't tell you what to choose, but these are options that I considered when the windows 8 hardware hype started.

    I decided to keep my hp2740p (core i5 520) and Dell xt2 (C2D SU9600) which are convertible tablets and not go for a specific windows 8 tablet (at this time) for the following reasons:
    - I dont need 1368x786 compared to 1280x800 that I have now as I dont need the app pin option for what i'm using it for.
    - Purely looking at processor power as I don't rely on battery performance, I don't want to downgrade to atom (Atom will most likely outperform the SU9600 though) and will have to see how a core i ulv performes to the core i that I use now.
    - I am not looking for an ipad replacement at the moment, unless windows devs are really getting into making music production apps the way ios has. IOS remains galaxies ahead with quality music production apps compared to any OS out there.

    PS:I see the ep121 uses a low voltage core i processor, have you compared this to the atom benchmarks? Still remains the question for which purpose you are using the tablet.
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    Default Re: Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

    The current Atom cpu's have a performance similar to that of desktop Pentium 4's. The i5 in the EP121 is much more powerful than any Atom currently available. Even the low-voltage Core2 in my Thinkpad from 2008 is faster. Intel might come out with some improved atoms to go along with the new Windows8 platform but i doubt they're going to catch up to the i5.
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    Default Re: Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

    I have an Asus W500 upgraded to Windows 8. The PCPro review of the EP121 said that it's CPU was three times faster than the one in my W500.

    However for basic browsing, using Maps, Excel and Word I find the W500 acceptable.

    If you are wanting an introduction into Windows 8 (rather than Windows RT) and are not sure which tablet to go for, I think the W500 offers a cheap option.

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    Default Re: Asus EP121 vs Win8 tablets

    To really help you, we need to know more about your usage patterns. What are you going to use the device for? How heavy can it be? etc. Do you want a keyboard, or just a slate? etc etc. If you can fill out the given form, then we can help you better. There's LOTS of used devices that you could pick from. Too many to just give an answer off the top of my head.
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