Is there a UMPC that can run corel painter?

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    Default Is there a UMPC that can run corel painter?

    Is there a UMPC that can run programs like photoshop and corel painter? Specifically the later? I get that the quality of the programs might not be so great on it, but that's not the important part to me. It HAS to be a UMPC as well, so please don't suggest a tablet to me. I need a umpc for the size. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Is there a UMPC that can run corel painter?

    A samsung Q1 Ultra Premium will run Corel Painter 11 since its Core Solo 1.33 GHz is faster than the required P4 700 MHz or better minimum requirement. It also exceeds all other sys requirements. I strongly recommend an upgrade from the stock HDD to a SSD if you choose this system since that is the only weak link.

    For drawing the Q1 is not really suitable since it only has a resistive touch display and no pressure levels. Also the samsung driver for the touch screen reportedly hobbles the display tho I haven't experienced any problems in this regard.

    If you need an active digitizer then try the OQO 2, the screen resolution is lower (although iirc there is a work around which will up the display res to meet the required res) and tech support is zero since OQO recently went bust, also the CPU is no where near as powerful as the core solo in the Q1 but for UMPCs with active digitizers I think this is your only choice.

    Finally the Sony Vaio UX series runs a Core 2 Solo processor. The performance of the CPU is slightly higher than the Q1 but the Vaio is limited to 1gb RAM vs the Q1s 2gb also the screen size is lower than the 7" Q1.

    Not entirely sure what it is you are looking for (screen size etc) and since there is so much variety in the UMPC market I've only listed a few options.

    Hope this hellps


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    Default Re: Is there a UMPC that can run corel painter?

    As you probably know, painter is a resource hog, and needs a fast computer in most cases. photoshop on the other side can be run quite well on older computers, heck i can paint quite well with my 10 year old laptop(1ghz 256mb ram) and ps 7 and wacom intuos3.
    look into sketchbook and atrage also, they will work better with lower spec:ed hardware and are good programs, another one to check out is paint tool sai.
    If you just want to do some sketching a modded nintendo DS with the program colors might be for you, there's a whole community for that thing.

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    Default Re: Is there a UMPC that can run corel painter?

    Fujitsu P1620 is like $400 on eBay. 1.2GHz Core 2 Duo, 2GB of RAM, 8.9" 1280x768 LCD. Runs Painter X quite well, thankyouverymuch.

    Ironically, now Painter is a less resource hog than Photoshop thanks to CS4 and CS5.



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