ZTE W105 Windows 10 - Correct Touchsetting.gt file

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    Hello, I have ZTE W105 tablet and the original partitions were wiped which is the source of problems.

    After installing Windows 10 I have problems finding correct drivers and configuration file for Goodix GDIX1001 touchscreen this tablet has. The biggest prolem I think is the correct configuration which is located in Windows/INF folder and called Touchsetting.gt. I have tried various files found on the internet with various success, currently the touch works but is slightly of, touch registers next to finger instead directly under it.

    Does anyone here happen to have this tablet and could post the original Touchsetting.gt file? Zte doesn't provide any official support for this tablet.

    One thing is that I already managed to find correct drivers and make the touch work but I had sleep/wake issies which lead me to start from scratch and here I am again so I know that it is possible to find correct combination...

    EDIT: Driver version (Found from Windows Update Catalog) and this touchsetting.gt worked, final step was to do Windows 10's own calibration go fix slightly inaccurate touch registering.

    This touchsetting.gt might not display correctly on forum, DefaultCFG line should be one continuous line.

    SendCFG=1 ;Send CFG to touch IC when loading driver
    PhysicalXsize=2170 ;Physical size£¬the unit is 0.1mm

    ESD=0 ;Driver supports ESD recovery processing
    ;SensorID=0 ;According to the different SensorID send different configuration
    GtpTool=0 ;GuitarTestPlateform tool support

    Pen=0 ;stylus/pen support
    NumberOfKey=1 ;The total number of keys supported,equal to 0 does not support key
    Key1=0xe3 ;0xe3 is home key,Must be a hexadecimal number

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