Your RSS feeds are badly broken

Discussion in 'Site Suggestions and Site Help' started by r0k, Jan 2, 2013.

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    In my google reader, I attempted to follow a link to this site. This is the link that came over to my browser (Chrome):


    I got a DNS error...:confused:

    So I stripped off the Smartphone Reviews and News, App Reviews for Smartphones that seems to have been prepended to the link and the link STILL DIDN"T WORK. Yes, that's right, http// brings up a DNS error. Why? Because even after stripping off the prepended brighthand link, the colon is missing after http and before Tablet PC Reviews - Best Tablet PCs. I suggest you fix this if you want your RSS feed subscribers to follow your links and actually get somewhere. I don't know if the mistake is here at tabletpcreview, brighthand or both places but I do suggest you get it fixed.
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    Thanks for finding this. I'll kick it up to the programming team to sort out.

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