Your preferred note taking app?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by misterd, Jul 4, 2017.

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    Onenote for saving on Cloud
    Squid for local saving
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    Assuming you want to share your notebook/s with your science class you can install it either locally on your own machine or use Group Policies and SharePoint and have everything on a secure server. That way you bypass the Microsoft Account brouhaha. On your local machine, you just use a local account (basically your Windows log on) and then share notebooks with your students. If you want to keep track of their usage (diligence) the server solution will provide better log files. Anything you don't want your students to see, you just keep in a separate section and lock it down with a password.
    In the File>Options menu you can set a default save location, this could be your personal NAS or the school server or anything you have personal control over. Although overly technical I believe you'll be able to find more detailed answers to your problem at
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    I'm not a HS teacher, but I do use OneNote for all my note taking. I'm still learning the ropes with pen input but it is a feature rich app.
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