Your dream Tablet PC: What do you like to have next year?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by GraysonPeddie, Aug 21, 2010.

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  1. ShadowJester

    ShadowJester I am that is.

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    Well, I've thought long and hard about this problem before, and this is what I've come up with:
    • Slate form factor
    • 12.1" matte Qualcomm Mirasol display (if it's ready in time, elsewise Pixel Qi)
    • 300 dpi display
    • Gorilla Glass
    • Tegra 250 SoC design
    • 1 GHz 2-core ARM Cortex A9 MPCore
    • Wacom G6 Multi-touch with Penabled integration
    • 2 GB of RAM
    • 64 GB NAND Flash disk
    • GSM 850/900/1800/1900, UMTS 850/1900/2100, HSDPA 7.2, HSUPA 5.6 antenna
    • 802.11 a/b/g/n WiFi
    • Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR with A2DP support
    • Two 720p cameras: one on backside, one on display side
    • Two array microphones embedded in display face
    • Windows Embedded Compact 7
    • UI designed for touch and pen
    • Vector-based UI; resolution independent
    • Built-in annotation and handwriting support
    • Well documented developer toolkit and API
    • Application store available, with deals made with Autodesk (for a version of Sketchbook Pro), Microsoft (for a lightweight version of OneNote), Google (for Google service integration), etc.
    • Minimum of a 12-hour battery life; with the Mirasol panel, a week is the upper bound
    • <$800 CAD
    • WiFi only version available for $150 less than the 3G version
    • WiMAX or LTE planned for the future
    The biggest part of the problem is in the UI: I'm imagining something along the lines of Courier's UI, with some adjustments, changes, etc.
  2. readnerd

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    This is a hope that something like the following might appear next year, unless the Android-slate boom sweeps over everyone.

    - Physical size: 10" - 13" (i.e. portable, but not pocketable, good viewing, not squinting)
    - Resolution: 1366x768 minimum, hopefully more (the market is crying out for a high-res tablet, most are 1024x600 or 1280x800)
    - CPU: Cedar Trail -variant (max 5W) for low-power
    - RAM: 2GB is enough for me, I don't need a power house, I have a laptop too
    - OS: Windows7 or Linux. Must be able to run Firefox with all extensions, Android doesn't cut it
    - Touch: definitely multi-touch for touch-typing
    - Battery life: 8+ hours REAL use (not idling at screen on lowest setting)
    - The usual: wifi, usb, mem card, etc.
    - Pen: preferred
    - Screen type: matte, outdoor readable (i.e. no iPad style screen)
    - Construction: sturdy, not the cheapest plastic 10 piece construction
    - Weight: 1kg or below

    Almost everything except the matte screen and multi-touch/pen combo might surface.

    What the market really needs is a usable read, study, take notes, carry and abuse WORK tablet.

    Everybody's going for an entertainment/play-around tablet.

    But they have either too limited OS (iOS, Android), too short battery run time (c. 4 hours), too small screens (both in inches and resolution) and non-outdoor readable screen.

    The industry will get there, but I'm afraid it'll take them 5 years to get there.

    It's so easy to churn out the "me-too" Android copy and hope it sells at $299.99.

    To me the markets are now fragmenting to the old TabletPC (actually usable, but too heavy/hot/pricey/clumsy) and toy-slates (too small, too underpowered, too limited, nice for toying around or just browsing/playing media).

    What we also need is something in between.

    A super-slate or a slimmed down keyboardless tabletpc.

    Here's hoping the first iteration will come out in 2011!
  3. ShadowJester

    ShadowJester I am that is.

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    That's the point I was trying to drive toward: it's possible to have the benefits of the entertainment slates (e.g. integrated app store, simple design, clean UI) while also having the benefits of a tablet PC (stylus). Windows 7 is not a usable tablet OS, at least, not with it's standard user interface.

    Actually, if you look above at my potential design, aside from the form factor (slate, not dual-screen clamshell), it's almost the spitting image of what Courier should have been. In my opinion, Courier was the best concept of what a tablet should be: intuitive and simple, yet dynamic and flexible. High level of integration, extremely high level of usability. Focused toward designers, artists, students, and note-takers.
  4. heatlesssun

    heatlesssun Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    Have to disagree a bit, Windows 7 works pretty well as a touch slate OS on screens 9" at 1024x600. Even on a 7" device like the Libretto W100, Windows 7 works pretty well.

    I won't argue that Windows needs work in the touch department to be fast and friendly but much of the effort going into Windows 8 will be around touch and natural user interfaces and Microsoft has plenty of expertise in this area to do it, but how they will fused the traditional desktop with smaller touch screen devices will be interesting to say the least.
  5. ShadowJester

    ShadowJester I am that is.

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    See, the biggest problem I have with Windows 7 is the size of buttons, files, etc.: they tend to be too tiny for proper touch accuracy, and work better with the stylus. I would prefer larger buttons, and a more fluid (than say static) experience with touch.

    Also, not all applications are touch sensitive/supportive. With a specialized app store for the platform/device, you can specify and enforce user interface rules and guidelines to be followed by developers in order to have their app posted.
  6. Stewge

    Stewge Pen Pal - Newbie

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    If I had my way, I'd have something like this:

    Type: Convertible (a slate is all well and good, but I'll be damned if I have to type using an onscreen keyboard just to save 1cm of thickness :p )
    Screen: 13" 1366x768+ AMOLED screen (Lots of black GUI elements to save precious battery ;) ). Similarly, any bigger and the battery will suffer badly and would get clunky to hold.
    Touch: Wacom pen support + multitouch capacitive (similar to the TM2)
    CPU: Core i7-6xxUM@18W TDP (I don't consider the Atom platform to be viable for a work machine, ARM/Linux/Android even less so)
    RAM: 8GB DDR3 (not unreasonable, TM2s already have it in a smaller chassis)
    GPU: GeForce 445M (~45W TDP) with Optimus
    OS: Linux support would be good (really need Optimus support in Linux), but Windows will obviously be supported. I would dual-boot it anyway.
    HDD: 2.5" SSD would work wonders
    Networking: 2 mini PCI-E slots for 802.11n, Bluetooth and WWAN options. Gigabit LAN.
    -DisplayPort out
    -2 USB ports
    -1 USB/eSata hybrid port
    -mini Firewire (yeh, I have some audio gear which uses it :p)
    -SD/MMC/etc card reader
    -Express-card 34 slot (54 is probably too big)
    -Decent onboard sound with dual output jacks
    Battery: At least a 60wh battery. Would expect around 2 hours with the GPU getting hammered, 6 hours+ running on the Intel GPU.
    -Illuminated keyboard
    -Chiclet keyboard
    -Slot/holder for a pen!
    Cost: I would reasonably expect to pay up to $2000 for this

    Basically at the end of this you have something fairly portable, allows a respectable usage time without a charge and packs a decent punch when you need it. You can easily use some "throttling" software which basically shuts off the dedicated GPU and keeps the CPU clock in check to increase battery time while still keeping the tablet usable.

    It's got enough features and power that you can safely take it anywhere and do what you want without the need for lugging your "primary" (mine is an M15X, for many it's a desktop :p).

    The problem currently (for me anyway), is nothing sits in the spot of "doing what it needs to while being portable" (with the possible exception of the TM2 which I hope to be getting my hands on very soon :D ). Admittedly, my "needs" are probably a little higher than most business tablet users. But, this problem leads to situations like:
    1: Take the tablet/netbook/whatever, but is it powerful enough to demo A/work on B? Which leads to....
    2: Lug the primary(big laptop) with a tablet, but then you need the AC adaptor and all the other crap to go with it. Not brilliant...

    If only you could build a perfect laptop/tablet like a normal desktop PC.
    One can dream :p
  7. ShadowJester

    ShadowJester I am that is.

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    You know, you could always use a Bluetooth keyboard with a slate. ;-) Or one of these.
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  8. Agent 9

    Agent 9 Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    Well, after some (a LOT) time with my Tm2 here are some things to add:

    - Dual Processors (would hare to he designed for this specifically) and dual GPU. both of which would be controlled by hardware (ex: a chip on the Mobo physically cutting power to /re-directing data flow, well a system better than what there is now) So any OS can only use what is turned on by default in the bios (but you could access it via a program once booted)

    - Interactive Holographic display (regular screen, but with the option for holographs display add-ons) it would pop up from the bezel. looking at 3d models, and some games, in real 3d would be awesome. Common wacom, you know you want in on that market. (along with that have 3-4 webcams for 3d capture /import of real world objects directly to a program as a 3d object) and a 3d Midi controller program world be amazing.

    - Dual Wacom pens /silos standard (regular Wacom pen, and one like the Axitron one)

    - The ability to hover/float in mid air, very very very useful for workshop kinds of stuff, and really anything; and as a floating drink holder when not in use :)

    None of those are realistic, but I'd get them if I could :p
  9. swarmer

    swarmer Pen Pal - Newbie

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    Here's the tablet I'd buy if it were available:

    7-inch color LCD matte screen, 4:3 ratio
    Capacitive touchscreen
    Matte black border/frame
    Under 1 pound
    Android OS
    SD or MicroSD storage
    Wifi, Bluetooth, and USB
    8+ hours battery life for a mix of e-reading and web surfing
    $300 or less
  10. trialdownloader

    trialdownloader Scribbler - Standard Member

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    I'll be getting a T730, and it is pretty good, but here is what I dream of (even though I'd never be able to get it as it would surely cost $3,000 - 4,000.)

    On the design:
    No Keyboard, but a slide-out one on the top could work.
    High Resolution 1280p screen.
    13+ inches of screen. Or something just a tad bit bigger than a piece of paper.
    NO multitouch unless it doesn't add grain to the screen.
    Glossy Screen (Matte feels good but I'll end up putting a glossy protector on it because I'd fear two layers of anti-glare would just ruin the image too much.)
    Wide Viewing Angles and super extra bright (400 nits?)
    Lots of customizable buttons for photoshop on the side with small mini customizable LEDs beneath them.
    Normal array of slots (including SD Card slot, HDMI, no VGA)

    Core i7 processor
    8gb of ram
    250 gb SSD

    Windows 7 (or 8?) - Whatever the highest version is (just because, lol)
    2 buttons on the pen, or three, or four, and better pressure sensitivity levels and tilt sensitivity.
    Oh and a 5+hour batter life (on high performance)

    There's other things some have mentioned like a fingerprint reader but I don't want to list all those down. What I don't care for is:
    Anything not Windows.
    New screen technologies unless colors look very very good.
    Um, I think that's it.

    Can't think of much else... but here's a concept I did a few weeks ago I never finished. It's strange that it came in handy.


    I gave it a lame name though... Couldn't think of much else. Don't make fun of it's lameness...
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