Yoga A940 AIO has the BEST AES 2.0 digitizer I've ever tried!

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by Shogmaster, Sep 2, 2019.

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    Holy moly I didn't expect this! Having been disappointed with grid density of another AES 2.0 device which is MUCH MUCH smaller (Yogabook 2/C930), I wasn't expecting much from A940's 27" honkin' huge AES 2.0 digitizer in terms of grid density. Boy was I wrong. This thing is almost as good as UD EMR and Apple Pencil digitizers in grid density! Hardly any jitter at all!

    And the parallax isn't as bad as I expected either. I say it's less noticeable than say Cintiq 21UX / 22HD. Perfectly fine, especially given that it's a Windows device with cursor.

    The only real chink in the armor for me is the lack of Feel driver support for it, so you won't get the perfect Wacom Wintab pressure curve mapping and barrel button mapping. The Windows INK pen driver is great with it though. If the Feel drive comes to this thing, I WILL buy it!
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    Any idea whether the C940 is improved over the C930?

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