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Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by havana97, Apr 16, 2018.

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    Hello all,
    I've perused the posts comparing the Lenovo X41 to the HP Compaq tc4400 (and others), but they don't seem to satisfy all my curiousity. I'm looking to purchase a tablet notebook to use for notetaking and group work at b-school, for mobile use (coffee shops and such), and sparingly at home, work and travel. Price range is around $1400 to $1800 (though not a hard ceiling). In order of importance to me are:

    1. Intangibles*
    2. Weight, and
    2. Power (CPU speed, mem speed and capacity, etc.)
    4. Battery life... >4 hours, but beyond that, don't much care
    5. Price

    *What do I mean by intangibles? You know, things that I wouldn't think of, like "this laptop falls apart after a year while the other doesn't", "this laptop feels like writing on paper while the other isn't as nice", things like that. Also included in this category is the Damn This Thing Kicks So Much Ass, I Am In Love! (DTTKSMAIAIL) factor.

    Next, weight (and, by association, size) and power are equally important to me. I want it to be really small and ultra-portable, but not grind to a halt when I have a dozen web pages open with Fantasy FB stats streaming, 3-4 MSOffice programs open, a few Trillian IM's open, and Minitab grinding some stats.

    For these reasons I've been leaning toward the X41 or the tc4400. The dual core processors, more memory, and faster-RPM HDD of the tc4400 excite me, but so does 3.5 lbs (THREE point FIVE freakin' POUNDS!) of the X41, as well as the ruggedness and general ThinkPad quality. My main questions are, will I experience much of a noticeable difference in crunching power with the above apps open? Does the pound really make a lot of difference in your hand? Are there other features I'm not considering, or other tablets that I should really consider given my priority list? Will the rabbit ever get the Trix?
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    Welcome to the forums, I can only assume you have just woken up from a decade long coma. Congrats on your recovery.

    With a budget of $14-1800 you could certainly buy a truck full of used X41's and tc4400's, as they all go for roughly $100 or under these days.
    Perhaps have a look at the new and relevant machines for our current era, come back, and we will be glad to help you find the best machine for your budget!

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