XP Tablet reinstall St5021 problems

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by bstoker456, Oct 6, 2008.

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    Hi all-

    I have an older ST5021 that I am trying to get working with XP. I did a fresh install from the recovery disk. The problem is that once it boots into XP after teh recovery disk install all I get is a BSOD. Nothing I can do to get it to boot into windows or safe mode.

    I have an all-in-one 11-1 XP disk that I used to install Tablet Edition on. The installation went fine and the tablet boots into windows. I nowhave the problem of trying to reinstall or get drivers for all the hardware devies.
    I tried to run the TPM drivers and applications CD but I get the error "The model isnot supported by the Installation Information File". when trying to run the CD. I have been able to manually install some drivers but other drivers will simply not install because of the error. I imagine the error is a result software not recognizing the OS and bios as Fujitsu any longer.

    The end result I would like is to be able to get all the drivers setup and then convert my COA over to the legit one that is on the back of my tablet.

    Any thoughts or ideas? I have tried a couple different restore DVD's for this model and they all end up with BSOD. Any thoughts why that would be? What could be causing it to error out. The PC BOSD and then reboots so fast that I cannot read any of the error string.

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    Often a BSOD at startup means a faulty RAM module. So the best is you run memtest86+ and let it run at least one full pass, to check if all the RAM modules are fine.

    Other option is to boot in safe mode. There it is, maybe, possible, to read the log files Windows created and check if you can find the culprit which caused the BSOD. Maybe it's only a device which is not working, which can be disabled and later after installation enabled, again.

    Maybe the drivers don't work on the cracked OS because: It is cracked, it misses a software which is responsible for the verification, it does not use a Fujitsu signed license key, it misses a registry value which contains the informations that your tablet PC is a Fujitsu tablet PC.

    If you aren't able to install the recovery OS, you could also try it with a original windows CD, maybe even only XP, just to check if it works there, or, I don't know how powerful your tablet is, you could also try Vista.
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