X200 Tablet: Clean Install

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by overfiend06, Jan 12, 2009.

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    I still prefer my T400
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    Try this thread....


    It may provide some insight..
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    Let me share my Clean Install experience to Windows 7 x64. Windows Update took care of the core Tablet Buttons driver and the Trackpad driver, but I still had to install AMT, TPM, The Power Manager (for accurate battery readout), Tablet Buttons II (for screen rotation, brightness, etc), and the hotkeys and On screen Display (for proper volume changing). All installs went smoothly, except one...

    The only thing not working 100% (as you can tell by all the other threads I've posted) is the Tablet pressure sensitivity. I'm beginning to fear this is an unsolvable problem on my machine. Office 2007 works, but all other apps don't!
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    where can I find Stallen's guide to a clean install?
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    edit: Just recognized that I assumed you were installing Win7. Which I don't know. Also, I haven't had a need for Bluetooth and so haven't tried it yet. Thus, I don't know if that works or not right now. One of the complaints on the first page of this thread. I also don't use an "integrated card reader", so I can't say on that. Sound is fine though.
    *end edit*

    I wouldn't quite call this a "guide", but I have just been going through doing a clean install of Win7 64bit on my x200t for the first time. I'm currently very pleased with the results. Along the way, I've been making a little chart, and "x"ing things off as I go in case I need to do it again. In general, this has been a very simple, smooth process. I just installed Win7 like normal, oob-- NOT Lenovo's disks. Then I had to dl 4 or 5 Lenovo drivers from the Lenovo website, which I've detailed in the list with their names. I used MS Security Essentials as my anit-virus, which is free and lightweight as well. Wacom driver on top of all that, which is easily the biggest pita. After that, I did some additional optional stuff to improve the Wacom experience.

    It's worth nothing that I most definitely did NOT install the Lenovo driver update utility, nor the Power Manager, etc. I've had my x200t for a year now, and I never found them necessary, so I didn't include any of them in this clean install. '

    This isn't the entire list, but its what should apply to anyone trying to do this. Having done what's listed below, I'm so far very happy with the x200t, and haven't run into any bugs or hiccups as of now.

    x format new 128 gb ssd
    x install win7 Pro 64bit

    x install Microsoft security essentials—note: don’t need Windows Defender, with this
    x install tpfc to control fan speed and temps- an awesome and simple program for Lenovo users
    x get tablet buttons to work- thinkpad tablet button driver
    x setup thinkpad trackpoint in Control Panel> Hardware and Sound> Devices and Printers> Mouse
    x get thinkpad trackpoint driver to enhance trackpoint performance
    x get auto rotation to work- thinkpad shortcut menu driver
    x setup primary auto-rotate orientation for tablet usage- use the lenovo tablet utility control panel (use Windows Search to find it on your hdd)
    x download winrar to unpack rar/zip files
    x get Wacom drivers to work
    x finish Windows updates for Win7 install-- DON'T INSTALL Wacom Mini-Driver, which screws with stuff, IMO
    x get #s to show up for volume (Lenovo Hotkey Features Driver and patch)
    x get #s to show up for brightness/ lower min setting (Intel gm45 Display Lenovo Driver)
    x install and set up Stroke It for program specific pen gestures
    x install Modlock for onscreen button shortcuts
    x purchase 2-year warranty extension
    x move Itunes Library onto my new computer
    x install art programs
    x install Windows Office
    x install Tablet Pressure Curve tool to tweak Wacom pressure sensitivity
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    Thanks Steve. Great list, I had been looking for something like this and will use it as a guide.

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