WTS: MOTION LE1700 UVA with accessories

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    1. Item: Motion LE 1700 UVA screen
    3 gig of ram
    80 gig hardrive
    intel 6200 wifi "N" 450 MBPS card with on board hot spot
    W7 OS
    Office 2010 ult. pro.
    all w7 updates
    flex docking station
    extra extended battery and charger base
    motion travel bump case

    2. used item

    3. I have for sale a very hard to find LE1700 with the hydis ultra view anywhere touch screen. The only major flaw if you can call it that is a scar next to the finger print reader, which does not effect the performance what so ever. This happened when I rushed out of my car to a meeting and pulled it out of my car docking station.

    4. $550.00 shipped

    5. paypal

    6. 100% feedback on videogon under tbase1

    7. I've since upgraded to the motion F5V and J3500, so this one was going to sit around or I was going to give it to my son. That said, it comes with the following.

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