WTB: Lenovo X200 Pen

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    So, my X200's pen has had its little clip thingy rather unceremoniously snap off. This wouldn't be so bad, but without it, the pen sinks too far into its slot, and I can't get it out.

    So, unless anyone has clever advice on how to glue it back on (I've tried hot glue and it falls off after a while, does plastic cement work?) I'm going to need to buy a new one. The most decent price I could find was $35. Does anyone know of any deals/have an extra one that they would be willing do let go for less?

    uhh...right, form.

    1) X200 pen

    2) Doesn't matter

    3) Mine's broken, I want to buy

    4) $30 or less would be nice

    5) I have Paypal.

    6) I'm in Canada, so whatever ships there.

    7) No feedback.
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