WTB Cintiq HD13

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    1) Looking for a cintiq HD13 with pen and cables included

    2) Used, any amount of time so long as the product is in good condition

    3) Since I'm not selling I do not have a picture of my own, but the packaging for the product looks like this:

    4) I can pay up to $450 usd for it.

    5) I would pay through paypal or you can make me a private lot on amazon, ebay or etsy.

    6) I would prefer domestic from USA.

    7) I have an amazon account with many confirmed purchases, as well as an ebay account and an etsy account. I can buy through any of these.

    8) Nothing.
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    I saw one for 450 on craigs list. Maybe you could convince them to ship. I just did a search for wacom.

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