Windows XP Pro & Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 on the tx1000/tx2000/tx2500

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    HP does not officially support Windows XP Tablet PC Edition for the txxxx line of tablets.

    If you install Windows XP Pro on your tablet, you will not have the functionality of the Tablet PC Edition built in, no character recognition, text conversion or no Tablet Input Panel (TIP) for working w/ applications and websites that don't support ink natively. There are some users who have used add on porgrams but be aware you will not have the same level of functionality as you would have in the tablet specific version.

    You can obtain a copy of the Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005 Operating System from the following vendors.

    Better known Etailers
    Beach Audio

    tx1000 Installation Guide by Hell Parker

    Drivers have been compiled by users in the following threads:

    tx1000 & tx2000 model drivers

    Individual Drivers
    Listed for Download. For rotation Graphics Drivers have to be modified as follows:

    After extracting the files by running the exe, it installs to c:\swsetup\ss33549 open the inf file nvwi.inf (with notepad) and search for the entry rotateflag & change the value from 0 to 0x40.

    If you've previously installed this driver, manually install it again
    from device manager, pointing it to the newly edited inf file.


    Floating Point has also compiled the following drivers as an ISO w/ all the applicable drivers & a guide for installation order etc

    Download the parts to the same folder and then run the exe file to recreate as one single file, and then burn to cd, or back up to external hd & use virtual cd program like daemon tools, poweriso, magic iso, virtual cd etc.

    Screen Rotation (Applicable only to tx1000 & tx2000 NOT tx2500)

    tx1000 & tx2000 questions & help can be posted in this thread (NOT tx2500 series)

    tx2500 model drivers

    Driver Compilations:
    forrestsun's tx2500 thread, agashka driver compilation & guide or darionco's compilation & driver guide

    QuickLaunch Drivers
    QuickLaunch Drivers (thanks to Cadaeic)

    Sata & Video Drivers (includes rotation) by HellParker

    Rotation (thanks to darionco)

    SciLor's rotation Program

    tx2500 questions & help can be posted in this thread or agashka's thread for his driver pack

    Unless you bought your tablet with Windows Vista Business/Ultimate, you do not have downgrade rights. If you did purchase your tablet with one of these editions of Vista you can install a copy of Windows XP Tablet Edition that you have access to, and call Microsoft, give them you Vista key & request an XP Tablet Edition key.

    No posting of warez or torrent links, iso's containing components of the tablet pc edition operating system will be tolerated.

    Just wanted to mention i take no credit for all the users that have taken time & effort to compile drivers, and get all the kinks out of getting XP running on the tx models of notebooks. This thread serves the purpose of having all the knowledge accumulated in an easy to access form, instead of having to browse through the 36+ pages of posts.

    Credit goes to arvean for the original compilation thread, leepriestenator, darkgiank for drivers, pcuser, sirach38, Floating Point, forrestsun & agashka.
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