Windows Tablet PCs with EMR & Disable-able Touchscreen

Discussion in 'What Tablet PC Should I Buy?' started by ChaosMageX, Oct 6, 2019.

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    I'm curious as to what Convertible Tablet PCs there are available these days that have EMR-based digitizers and you can disable the touchscreen, hopefully without Windows 10 or software freaking out about it being disabled.

    I've heard that with active digitizers, if you disable the touch screen, then you can no longer use the stylus, so I want to avoid those.

    I ask because I'm a skinny artist, very skinny, and my hands and wrists are no exception. My hands aren't quite as skinny as the hands you see in decorations for this time of year, but they do come close, and as such, the joints in my fingers and wrists tend to create false positives on touch screens quite often, which leads to artifacts in my drawings and my smooth pen strokes getting interrupted.

    So, I want an EMR tablet that can run Windows 10 and I can disable the touchscreen. I mainly use FireAlpaca and other free art software, including The GIMP, so if the touchscreen can be disabled through the settings of each individual application, particularly FireAlpaca, I'll settle for that.

    Bonus points if it has a large screen (13" or larger) and a variety of ports other than USB-C so I can keep using my current flash drives without having to buy new USB-C flash drives and/or USB-C expansion devices.
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    There is only one TPC I can recall with physical disable button and that was VAIO Z Canvas.

    Just wear a damn glove on your drawing hand.
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