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    My guess is there is a similar thread somewhere, but I wanted something with practical tips and tricks for using your "Tablet PC" (whether tablet, 2-in-1, convertible). Simple guidelines:
    1. Tips, tricks, and pointers only - software, hardware, or just general usage
    2. Put your topic in bold at the top of your post for easy searching
    3. NO discussion of of platforms, devices, or gear except to explain the advise you are imparting
    4. NO discussion of shortfalls, pitfall, or failures UNLESS the advise helps solve those issues
    5. NO platform or device complaining - keep those for the other threads
    OK - here goes:

    Get a Dock!


    That's the now extinct Surface Dock I (on eBay for a fraction of original cost) - gives me one cable connectivity to two QHD monitors, Ethernet, external HDD for storage/backup, Logi c920 webcam (not shown), wired keyboard (no more stuttering starts when typing), and extra USB A ports. Yes, it is old (mini-DP to DP output for video) but I've got one for office and one for home office that I collected over the years. The Dock II adds USB-C (not TB) and USB-A ports.

    I also carry a cheap USB-C hub (many varieties at Amazon from $25-$40) with Ethernet, HDMI, USB-A&C, SD and mSDXC slots) in my bag when traveling. If you get a hub with USB PD, and a sufficient USB C charger, you can use the hub and charger through the USB-C port and don't need the Surface Connect charger that came with your SG2.

    It doesn't matter what OS, device, or peripherals you have, get a dock. It can be as simple as a universal USB based hub to a full on Thunderbolt 4 dock with multiple ports and options. This will make your life so much easier; overcomes port strangling (the act of ALL OEM's limiting the number and variety of ports); and opens up opportunities like this with my Surface Go 2 rig:
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