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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Flying_Dutchie, Aug 10, 2016.

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    Hi everyone,

    I have almost made the mistake of buying an nvidia Shield. Figured it be fun to play games like Warband and War Thunder "on the go". Recently I am looking into windows tablets and it occurred to me that they should be able to run all the awesome pc games from several years ago!
    I've never been one that cares too much about graphics, it's mostly about gameplay for me and on most mobile devices there are just these shallow cash cow games.... Shield has a handful of titles that are good but windows 10 tablets have access to almost 90% of the accumulated gaming industry. If you add something like an Ipega 9023 gamepad to the tablet you got the most awesome mobile gaming platform ever!
    I find it hard to decide on which tablet though. I also don't have any hands on experience of running proper games on a windows 10 tablet. My benchmark is that I want to play Skyrim with decent graphics (medium to high setting without an fps below 25-30) so no hardcore HD texture mods etc.
    Which tablets are currently out there, or expected to be out there anytime soon which have the capability of doing this?
    Anyones help on this would be much appreciated! Not sure why the tablet gaming community sticks to Android......


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