Windows Problem Reporting & CPU usage

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by, Feb 20, 2015.

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    Noticed my SP3 i7 has been running hot. The fan was constantly kicking on. The screen was annoying to draw on and Photoshop performance was laggy. Battery was just melting away.

    So I opened task manager, and there was something called Windows Problem Reporting (I think) that was using 37% cpu. I ended the task, and since then have been getting insane performance in Photoshop with very little fan noise and heat. Feels snappier than ever! Strong battery life, too.

    This is only my second Windows tablet. I'm more familiar with Mac. Can anyone shed light on that? Looking online, it seems it's a utility to send info to MS to help them diagnose problems, and that a lot of people complain about high CPU usage.

    Clearly, I'm walking a line with the i7 & Photoshop where if something in the background heats up the processor, my ability to work is majorly hindered. I want to keep this thing running butter smooth, because right now it's so good I would just sell everything else. Thanks in advance.

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