Windows Apps Not Working So Good...?

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Steve S, May 7, 2020.

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    Has anyone else noticed that Microsoft's Windows apps have not been working very well for the last several months? Apps that used to be pretty bulletproof?? For example:

    <> Weather app: If I go to the radar map and try to pan it, even gently, the app closes
    <> News app: Chronic "still loading" articles on some pages. Curiously, sometimes the same position on more than one page. Sometimes, app will spontaneously close as I try to swipe from one news page to the next.
    <> Outlook: I find this one really troubling; when I open Outlook in the morning and I start to read my e-mails, after opening three or four, Outlook will not open any others, displaying only a blank screen in the reading pane. Closing and reopening Outlook does not fix the problem. If I reopen sometime later in the day, Outlook seems to work OK.

    Now here's why I'm concerned:

    <> All of these apps, and others that I didn't mention because I don't use them very often, used to work.
    <> It's been this way for months! I can understand an occasional glitch due to an errant update, but most all of these apps have had multiple updates by now.
    <> Most significantly, I'm seeing this behavior on all of my touch-enabled Windows platforms. That would be five different platforms!!

    Independent of the latest grumbling about Microsoft's lack of innovation on Go2 and SB3, these issues give me the impression that other parts of Microsoft are also dropping the ball / breaking down. Of course, I've provided feedback to Microsoft on these issues when I first started to notice them but, of course, there's been no apparent reaction.

    I've been waiting for 20H1 to see if anything changes, but I have to say that I'm a little bit worried about what this all might mean for Microsoft's processes and quality control...
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    I've only seen one new problem recently. One paid app "lost its license". It showed as installed but then gave an error along the lines of "no valid license" or so. Had to uninstall and reinstall. I wonder if win apps generate error messages in the Event Viewer. That way you could maybe get some hints about what the problem is. Maybe our local expert on all things @desertlap has any thoughts?

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