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    Hello from france,

    i'm an art student, i love paintings and drawings, i have actually a pc with a intuos 4 L.

    I would buy a tablet pc under 11" to 13", which can run photoshop with medium sized documents, just for speed painting or sketches.
    And play games even if in low resolution, like league of legends.
    Sometimes sculpt on zbrush, and use sketchbook, artrage, sai etc

    I m searching just an mobile intermediate device to paint and drawing, and play multimedia. ( not a pro tablet now, but in four years i'll buy the fujitsu t1002 or a future megapro tablet ^^ )

    My budget : 800 - 1400 €

    What do you think of these tablets ?

    Samsung ativ smart pc pro ( my choice for now)
    surface pro
    series slate 7
    lenovo helix

    ... Etc

    can you help me to find my device please. ?

    Sorry for my english ^^,

    your sincerly.
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    Sorry i don't use the Template :

    1. What is your budget?

    Up to €1,500 ( $1,974.20 )

    2. Would you consider purchasing used/refurbished?


    3. Do you prefer a media/mobile tablet like the iPad, Windows tablet PC, or notebook convertible?

    Undecided. Perhaps requirements below will help.

    4. What size Tablet PC would you prefer?

    11" - 14"

    5. Which country do you intent to purchase from [where do you live]?

    I'm live in France, i don't want to pay expensive shipping. ( up to 30-40 $ )

    6. Do you have any preferences to brand loyalty or dislikes?

    Not Really, but i see Samsung Smart Pc Pro. ( What's the difference with the Slate series 7 ? just HD GRAPHICS 3000 and the dock ?

    7. How many hours battery life do you require?

    Around 2 or 3.

    8. What will be the primary usage scenario of this tablet? (Email/Web Surfing/Drawing/Word Processing/Entertainment/Notetaking etc)

    Sketching, painting. Apps: Sketchbook Pro, Photoshop, ArtRage, PaintTool SAI, MyPaint

    3D : Zbrush, Maybe Animation in Maya but not render.

    Plenty of web surfing, email, watching movie, little Game App ( windows 8 ) and League Of Legends.

    9. Do you have an OS preference? For example, do you own an iPhone and a Mac, or are you a Windows fan? Do you own an Android device and use Google services frequently?

    Windows 8, or Windows 7 but if i can upgrade to W8.

    10. What software and tasks do you intend to run? (Microsoft Office or other Word Processing Suite/Photoshop/3D Studio Max/Autocad etc)

    Already mentioned above.

    11. Do you intend on playing Games? If so please list.

    League Of Legends.
    Maybe Diablo III in low resolution ?

    12. Would you like to stream content through your home theater system?

    Not a requirement.

    Screen Specifics

    1. Any preference on screen resolution?

    Nothing specific. Higher is better.

    2. Will you be using the tablet outdoors? Do you need to be able to see it through glare from the sun?

    Outdoors would be nice, but not a strict requirement. Most use will be indoors.

    3. Do you require a pen? With or without pressure sensitivity? Do you prefer Wacom or N-trig?

    Yes, Pressure sensitivity is a requirement. I use Wacom tables ( Graphire 4 M and Intuos 5 L ). WACOM i love you :)

    Component Specifics

    1. What size Hard Drive and Memory do you require? Would you like expandable memory?

    I'm guessing hard drive needs to be at least 128GB and memory 4GB. I want the drive to be solid state (SSD).

    2. What sort of inputs do you require, if any? Would you like full-sized USB and SD card slots? Are microUSB and microSD ok? Do you require HDMI inputs?

    Any size USB is acceptable. I don't require HDMI, but I wouldn't mind it.


    1. Additional Requests :

    I require wi-fi.
    Start Button ( it's better for W8 )
    I prefer Separate Dock.
    At least one button in my Pen
    I want it to be comfortable to kick back in a chair, sofa, bed, whatever and sketch.
    Multi Touch Screen.

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    Hesitating between :

    LENOVO X230T : i7 + 8Go RAM +128 Go SSD.
    ( border edges problem ? )
    SAMSUNG SMART PC PRO : i5 + 4Go RAM +128 Go SSD
    MICROSOFT SURFACE PRO : i5 + 4Go RAM +128 Go SSD ?

    Which is the better for Student Artist and to Run Windows 8 ? :)

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