Windows 7 x64 Installation and Setup Guide

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    Here is a mini-guide to setting up Windows 7 x64 on your tx2xxx. This is intended for builds 7048, 7057, and all future builds. Simply downloading all the Vista drivers from the HP site will result in you tearing your hair out trying to get devices working (and failing!). Also included are some known bugs and my workarounds.

    First of all: Don't upgrade an older build to a newer one. Windows 7 beta is intended for clean installations only. If you are tired of copying music, videos, and documents over each time you install, I suggest the following procedure:

    1. Create a 200gb partition [Drive D] (Be sure to leave at least 20gb on [Drive C] for Windows 7).

    2. Move your user folder here. Open two windows, and in window 1, navigate to [C:\Users\"your user name"]. In window 2, navigate to [D:\].

    3. Select all the folders in [C:\Users\"your user name"], then RIGHT-CLICK and drag them to [D:\]. A context menu will pop up, select " Move here".

    4. Next, edit your Libraries. Click on the Explorer link in your taskbar or startmenu and and your Libraries will show up.

    5. Open up a Library, and up at the top, click where is says "Includes: 2 Locations".

    6. Delete the two folders linked to [Drive C], and add the new one on [Drive D]. That's it! Now your personal files will persist between clean installations.

    Ok, now for drivers. Windows 7 adds new drivers with every build, so this section may be updated.



    Audio, Infrared, Biometric Reader, Wacom and Modem can be installed from HP.

    Install the Quick Launch Buttons LAST! Then, go into [C:\Program Files (x86)\Hewlett-Packard\HP Quick Launch Buttons\] and delete the following 3 files: HidActn.dll, hiddata.exe, and PushHid.dll. This is a fix for a conflict between Quick Launch Buttons and certain bluetooth mice, such as the Microsoft Presenter Mouse 8000, and resolves an issue with the Wacom pen/touch driver. You will still retain all Quick Launch Buttons.

    Setting up the "DVD" and "QuickPlay" buttons without installing the entire QuickPlay software suite is pretty easy too.

    1. Grab "Bat to Exe Converter" from and extract it.

    2. In the same directory, create two notes, and rename the files to DVDP.bat and QPMenu.bat (you will have to change the folder view to see file extensions).

    3. Right-click on each file and select "edit". Notepad will open up and type the path to the program you want to launch in quotes on the first line, and EXIT on the second. An example:
    "C:\Program Files\Windows Journal\Journal.exe"

    4. Save the file, and open it up in "Bat to Exe Converter". The only option you have to worry about is selecting "Invisible Application" to prevent the command prompt window from opening each time you hit the button.

    5. Save DVDP.bat as DVDP.exe and QPMenu.bat as QPMenu.exe.
    6. Now, create the following directory: [C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Quickplay]. Note: it's not the Hewlitt-Packard folder!

    7. Copy QPMenu.exe and DVDP.exe to [C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Quickplay\] and the buttons should instantly be active. You can copy the HP folder over to [Drive D] and whenever you reinstall Windows, all you have to do is copy the folder to [C:\Program Files (x86)\] and be done with it!

    Some known issues with Windows 7 x64:

    Windows Journal will randomly give you an error when you are trying to save a document. If you close the document, all changes are lost. Don't despair!

    1. Go to Edit -> Select All.
    2. Drag the selection into a new Journal window and save it.

    It's gotten to the point where I keep a couple of blank Journal windows open while I am in class and whenever I get the error, just copy and drag it over to the next blank page and save.

    Also, Journal will not properly display some notes made in previous builds of Windows 7, Vista, or XP. You can either install a virtual machine and load up Windows Vista or XP Tablet PC Edition, and load the files there, or just install a OneNote PowerToy that imports Windows Journal Notes.

    If you have your screensaver set to slideshow, and delete or move that folder, the screensaver will crash. Just point it to a new folder and the problem is fixed.

    The LightScribe Simple Labeler and Template Labeler won't install because they detect Windows 7 as an incompatible OS (The LightScribe System Software installs just fine). You can fix this by hex editing the installers. Find "VersionNT = 600" and change it to "VersionNT = 601" and saving it. Now it works!

    I'll add more if I come across any more issues. Feel free to add your own tips and fixes. This thread is designed to consolidate related issues and fixes into a one-stop-shop page for our googling friends, so Keep It Simple, Silly! Credit and thanks go out to the other tableteers on this and other forums from who I gleened much of this information.
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    Maybe you can format it better, so it is easier to read. Just making suggestions that may help out perspective users of this thread.
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    Great stuffs! :D

    Using the 32-bit version myself on a tx2500, due to limitations of some softwares i use. In fact, I would advise everyone to try 7, as opposed to downgrading to XP, which I tried but had lotsa problems with. In contrast, Windows 7 installation was smooth.

    And the one biggest noticeable difference compared to Vista is that the boot up is waaay faster, especially when running on battery. In Vista, booting times will be twice as long (roughly) on battery as opposed to plugged in, due to the machine's auto-downclocking. And even when one enters the desktop, there'll be a long pause before everything finishes loading, at least for my case.

    In windows 7, booting times are much faster, and the same regardless whether you're running on battery or plugged in, and yet everything is ready to go the moment u hit the desktop, it's amazing....

    Ppl have reported awesome battery times, but i've yet to test, so cant say anything abt it.

    My procedure:

    1. Install 7.

    2. Hit windows update, which gives me updated drivers for network and audio. The updated audio driver is essential for making the 'Mute' button's led work. Else, you still can mute using the button, but it wouldn't turn red.

    Alternatively, use HP's audio driver.

    3. Install fingerprint sensor and IR receiver drivers from HP.

    4. Install Catalyst 9.3 drivers from ATI.

    5. Install HP tablet drivers.

    6. Install Quicklaunch and Wireless Assist.

    7. Buy Windows 7 when it launches. :D Damn Microsoft for releasing Vista...

    *However, I need to point out that the below is wrong:

    You still need the driver for pressure sensitivity in drawing applications, like photoshop, which the built-in driver doesn't support. So hope that can be amended.
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    Just found that:

    On Windows 7 32bit, we have to install HP/Wacom tablet driver to active the finger touch input; but on Windows 7 64bit (I tested 7068), the tablet driver is optional, Win7 can recognize it.
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