Windows 10 on ep121?

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by Decatro, Oct 7, 2014.

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    UPDATE: For those who are STILL having problems with the touch screen despite the above recommended drivers (they come default with a fresh Win 10 install these days) My relief FINALLY came from a driver dated in 2006! Google this .cab file and download:
    I don't know what is in the file because I didn't install it directly. I used a program called DriverAssist that saved my ass. It is fully endorsed by Microsoft. It detected the driver issue somehow (along with a dozen other driver issues). I only installed the USB driver entry in the Human Interface Device section. I installed that driver only (not the entire batch of drivers it recommended across all devices) You will need a license key to install it & if you don't have one the software takes you to the website easily enough to do so. I took a chance on this software & after I pasted the license key the driver install tookplace and result was instant. Now I'm going to go back & check out some of the other recommendations now that I know it works!

    Came across the Driver Assist prog as an ad on DriversGuru (all they had to offer was the same modern drivers by ASUS.

    I can't recommend this third party installer enough to us EP121 users as it dragnets every driver in your system and gives therecommendations. You pick & choose what you want & it even has an "automatic rollback timer" if you don't like the result of the install.

    PS: I am NOT a newbie on here and this isn't SPAM. I haven't posted on here since EP121's "hey day" & spent days updating this software. I was one of the first to crack it open to upgrade the hardware! So much time has gone by & couldn't remember old email addresses & pwds.

    Update: Went ahead & upgraded the Intel Ethernet adapter to v15.17.0.1
    You will need to run the windows internet repair diagnostic afterwards for the update to kick in.

    Do NOT install the recommended Blue Solei Bluetooth driver. It won't work until you pay for it and the "old" Intel v3.0.1310.386 works fine
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