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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by Kumabjorn, Dec 22, 2015.

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    I've just ended an expensive contract with docomo, Japan's premier mobile operator. Phone is paid for and an extra $30 makes it open for other SIM cards. I choose one called OCN because they use docomo's network. Well, guess what. Turns out docomo considers their customers to be morons. Everything is locked down with certificates.
    My main reason for going with docomo was their network speed and everything tethering (no restrictions). Guess if I'm furious now? Turns out that when you turn on tethering the phone switches to a different APN that is locked down. So even though I'm now using an operator that hires bandwith on docomo I'm ejected from it when I turn on tethering. My IEEI number is no longer registered with docomo's servers.
    Luckily I had my old original Galaxy Note from Sweden, so I switched to that. Tethering worked if I used Bluetooth as my connection, but since that phone didn't support Japan's LTE bands all I got was HSPA speed. If I had been a more patient gal it could've worked. Perhaps. But having been spoiled by 25 Mbps download speeds I decided that I might buy a new phone, more or less specific as a portable modem.
    In the store they had two $100 phones. Feature wise they are abysmal, but would have been state of the art four years ago. However they both supported tethering and LTE. All I needed. One was Android, the other a Windows 10 Mobile version with a slightly smaller battery.
    I've now been a W10M owner for ten hours, two and a half of those watching The Force Awakens. It feels odd that it only has one home screen, I'm so used to switching between screens. It took a long time upgrading and for some reason it wouldn't allow me to upgrade apps unless I was on Wi-Fi. There might be some setting for that, but I haven't found it. It was also of that I couldn't setup my own APN, I choose my operator when starting up the phone and that fixed the setting. Practical perhaps, but what if I want to insert another SIM when traveling?
    I was expecting it to have support for themes, but eventually the home screen will be filled with tiles, so maybe it's not a big deal. Not sure yet. Also surprising was that a lot of my apps couldn't be used on the phone. The app shortage is actually larger than I though, because I expected to use a fair amount of my MUI apps.

    More later.

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