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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by JoeS, Sep 19, 2015.

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    For those curious about what's new in Windows Phone 10 / Windows 10 mobile, I compiled a list of changes compared to WP8.1. WP10 is still evolving, so some of these may be removed or modified before the RTM later this year.

    New features and UI changes in WP10

    - new fullscreen background option on start, with parallax when swiping sideways but not for up/down
    - start screen background also shows in apps list
    - tile transparency slider for Start (video)
    - tons of new tile color options (video)
    - recently installed apps appear at the top of the apps list
    - more quick settings toggles in action center, including Flashlight and quick note
    - actionable notifications
    - press and hold bluetooth toggle links to bluetooth settings
    - improved settings menu (finally!) matching Windows 10, including landscape view
    - continuous dictation with punctuation in any text box (Speech To Text, STT)
    - fine cursor button / pointing stick on keyboard
    - detachable and movable keyboard (large screen phones only?)
    - live interpretation of swype gestures
    - smart dialing. Finally!! Welcome back to Windows Mobile 6.5.
    - synced notifications with Win 10 (does this already work?)
    - printing support (to PDF only for now)
    - ability to attach any file type to emails. Finally!!
    - Apple HLS support, mkv support
    - device encryption option under Settings/System
    - phone reminds users of their next calendar item during shutdown
    - new design for the context menu / long-press menu
    - notification LED support
    - ability to delete MS account from phone without device reset
    - per-app control for permission to use microphone
    - settings sync between devices (between PC and phone?)
    - Bluetooth keyboard support!

    New and updated default apps
    - new universal photo's app, now allows inclusion of video in multi-select
    - default MS camera app now similar to Lumia Camera
    - new universal app for calendar
    - a new full-featured file explorer!
    - new mail app with customizable swipe actions
    - universal maps app with navigation and landscape view
    - a dedicated search app that can search local files etc. (also accessible via Cortana)
    - new word, powerpoint, excel apps (download from store: Word Preview etc)
    - new store app (video)
    - new built-in recorder app
    - new music app
    - new XBOX app
    - Edge browser
    - changes to calculator, timer, alarms, stopwatch, and world clock, apparently

    Announced features and UI changes not yet in the preview
    - new universal Messaging app (will be downloadable from store)
    - flashable ROMs for other phone brands
    - NFC payment support
    - docking of phone and various other devices via USB-C, bluetooth, miracast, etc.
    - use phone as mouse and keyboard when connected to external screen
    - phone start screen shows as start menu when connected to external screen
    - dual screen use: play movie on external screen, work with email on phone (req. new hardware)

    Rumored / spotted in unreleased builds
    - Maybe inking support is coming (or accidentally left in settings app?)
    - App controlled changes to phone settings using NFC. Yeeesss! (assuming it's true)
    - font size setting (100% to 200%)
    - background image in the task switcher, see image 7 here.

    Features removed since earlier builds
    - new tile formats: large square (2x2) and vertical (1x2)
    - swipe up on a photo to display file properties
    - linear brightness slider instead just three settings
    - Lumia camera as the default, now switched to MS camera

    Please post here if you spot any other changes.

    Edit: to see how MS is doing listening to the top feedback, compare with the top requests on WP uservoice.
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    In case people were wondering why WM10 seems to be progressing slowly: looks like the Win10 teams and the WM10 teams are integrated/the same:

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    tl;dr "Chasing a challenging bug on PC"


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    For instance, data and settings, as well as things like alarms and notifications, will automatically sync between a Windows 10 Mobile handset and a Windows 10 machine logged in under the same Microsoft account.

    This is part of an attempt by Microsoft to ensure that Windows 10 Mobile mirrors the full Windows 10 as closely as possible. Windows 10 Mobile also includes OneDrive, so documents and photos can be synced with Windows 10 desktops, laptops and tablets via the cloud.

    One of the most attractive features of Windows 10 Mobile is its newfound compatibility with Android and iOS apps apart from java. Microsoft has announced various toolkits aimed at getting app developers to port their creations to the new Windows OS.
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