Windows 10 mobile - apps that don't support backup and restore

Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by JoeS, Sep 20, 2015.

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    I've been keeping track of what I've had to do each time I reset my windows phone, first as a note-to-self about what I'll lose if I don't manually backup, and second to show how inadequate the restore option in windows phone really is.

    Not listed here, but another terrible aspect: even if you have 100GB free on OneDrive, MS only keeps the latest backup, any older backups disappear into space. That's not quite how backups work in the real world.

    WP8 apps that don't fully restore
    Styrit shopping list - all lists lost (note: now has manual backup)
    MS health - band pairing lost, preferences lost (units)
    MetroTube - all downloaded videos lost (plz at least keep a list of links for these)
    Here Drive - forgets commute, routing prefs, login info
    Maps - all downloaded maps are lost (makes sense, still a pain)
    Rapdialer - all settings are lost, including carefully crafted google voice prefixes (note: now has manual backup)
    Podcast lounge - favorites and custom playlists lost. (note: has manual backup)
    Garmin Streetpilot - all preferences, recently found, favorites lost

    WP8 apps that lose credentials and some settings
    Kindle - account info lost, view settings lost
    Flipboard - account info lost
    Tapatalk - login info lost, view settings lost
    Songza - login info lost
    ProShot camera - doesn't restore settings, e.g. aspect ratio
    Clique - app, login info lost
    Twitter - login info lost
    Facebook - login info lost
    iNi reader - loses login info and all view settings

    System settings that get lost:
    Haptic feedback - turned back on
    Email passwords
    Notification choices - all apps show in action center again
    Xbox music - pinned albums gone (music still on SD)
    Kids corner - back to completely empty. It did restore the lock screen photo.
    Here Drive - login info lost, preferences lost (speed alerts, view settings), tutorial runs again
    Keyboard settings - preferences on emoticon suggestions, and probably other settings
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