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Discussion in 'Windows 10' started by dennisspeaks, Sep 24, 2017.

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    I purchased a Fujitsu t901 with i7 processor with 4gb ram which I am looking to upgrade to 16gb. Over the weekend I was doing a presentation and right in the middle of it windows 10 kicked me out of it and started updating. Is there anyway to stop this or do I need to downgrade to windows 7 and would that be difficult to downgrade?

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    Dennis, congrats on the great find (t901 =classic!). You can adjuat when W10 updates occur by going to Settings (from gear icon) - - > Update and Security - - > Windows Update/Update Settings. From there you can restrict hours when updates can occur (to, say, middle of the night) or even set them to occur manually only. You'll likely get some kind of notification in the lower right portion of the taskbar when updates are overdue, but if you set to manual it's not a bad idea to take this same path and click on "Check for Updates" occasionally and, particularly for security updates, run them as soin as time permits.

    Having said all of the above, the way W10 does its automatic updates is infuriating!! Your experience is the worst, but also miserable is when you go to turn on, or off, your computer and it prevents you from doung either without updating first. I believe setting updates to manual prevents this as well.

    Someone else: please weigh in to confirm or correct my advice!

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    Another way to prevent the automated updates doing its own thing is to set your network connection to a metered connection, and then set the updates to not update over metered connections. Obviously doing that stops any automated periodic updates, so you would need to remember to run them manually and/or change the update option to enable it to use metered connections when you wish to allow them.

    It's also very annoying when you leave a machine with programs open while working on a project only to return to discover that windows decided to reboot your machine.

    It used to be a simple matter of checking after 'patch Tuesday' but now the updates are on a 24/7 roll out. Unless you're an Enterprise user in which case you will be on a Monthly roll out schedual.

    If you want to get serious about it you can find a kiosk version of Win10 and install that then you won't be troubled by updates. :)
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    In windows 10 Pro you can postpone the updates for some time.
    Aside from this you can simply turn off the Windows Update service under Services and you shouldn't receive updates until you turn it on again.
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    I think if the updates could happen while youre still working - that would be ideal. not requiring you to stop your workflow
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    If this is the case, you need to check every now and then if there are new updates. It is critical that it should be updated to attain optimal performance.

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