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Discussion in 'HP Slate' started by chortya, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. chortya

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    Hi all,

    I am currently testing Windows 8 DP on HP Slate2 and still have few issues.
    - Hotkeys don't work
    - Screen rotation doesn't work
    - I also still have few devices without drivers in Device Manager:
    - Base System Device
    - multiple PCI Simple Communication Controller (bluetooth)
    - HP HSPA software crashes on startup
    - touch is very frustrating after iPad and Android use experience

    But my overall impression is OK. I hope Windows 8 Consumer Preview will bring some improvements.

    What is your experience with Win8 on Slate2?

    Thanks for your feedbacks.
  2. sjaywu

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    We might be among the few with the slate 2. So far, with my installation and full use of all drivers,

    Keyboard button works 1% of the time, home button doesn't, CTRL-ALT-DEL works fine.

    Screen rotation randomly works some of the time. Maybe 5% of the time. It's working right now. Might not next time I restart.

    Bluetooth works fine. Didn't install cellular, have no use for it yet.

    Touch is laggy and not good still on CP, i really hope that a couple last tweaks and lowered system reqs or something before the final release will help bridge that last gap. See thread on W8 on Slates above, because relief from n-trig might be on the way.
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