Will Folio 13's Keyboard (with backlit) fit in TM2?

Discussion in 'HP TouchSmart TM2 (Wacom)' started by jtphl, Dec 19, 2011.

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    Anybody remember what keyboard the guy on eBay used? I'm trying to do a conversion to backlit keyboard on my tm2-1070us. I've purchased a spare palmrest / keyboard bay to experiment on. I picked up an HP Envy 14" keyboard, which turned out to be a bit too wide. Then tried a keyboard out of an HP EliteBook Folio MP-13A. There appear to be some cabling issues with that one but it's not out pf the running. Knowing what the guy on eBay used would help a lot. Planning on making a video if I can get one to work (probably make a comedy of errors video if I can't get one to work!). Any help is greatly appreciated!
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