Which HP process controls the screen flipping?

Discussion in 'Microsoft Windows 7' started by drussthelegend, Mar 22, 2011.

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    Hey guys! Hope someone can help me out.

    I am a proud owner of a HP TM2 (my first tablet) and while I chose not to do a clean install, I am still looking for a way to speed up my system.

    To this end, I went to msconfig and removed all HP process from the "Services"tab in the System Configuration.

    After re-starting my Tablet, the screen was flipped (upside down) while in the "laptop" mode. (After this happened I went back to "Normal Start-up - load all device drivers")

    Unlike before, where the screen would flip while changing from laptop to tablet mode, this function stopped executing.

    Does anyone have a list of HP services that should be running in the background for normal operation. And which ones are safe to disable?

    On the same note, as I am still trying to speed up Windows...what are:

    IconUtility from Alcor Micro Corp
    IAStorIcon from Intel Corp

    Are they important?

    Thanks in advance for any help!
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