Which are the main flaws of eeeNote to be corrected? (to be heard from ASUS)

Discussion in 'Asus (Android)' started by eeeKnot, May 14, 2011.

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  1. eeeKnot

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    Which are the main flaws of eeeNote to be corrected by ASUS, according to you?
    I mean, let's collect here suggestions so that ASUS can give the public an update to the system that will make eeeNote an effectively useable device, because it has a great potential.

    ebook reader:
    - when I read technical books I need that index is instantly accessible
    - at the position where I am reading now
    - the index pages have to be in memory so I can seamlessly browse the index (single page with scrollbar?)
    - an index icon is to be on the menu bar
    - twenty pages have to be in memory so I can go forward and backward a few pages very quickly
    - it has to be possible to go forward and backward more than a page at time, with a sort of scale from -10 to +10, for example
    - pdf font has to be the readable one, without having to open an epub before
    - "go to page" function?
    - pdf-annotation merge (onto a copy!) function has to be present in sync software or onboard

    -it has to be possible to send notes directly to more than a cloud service/mail at the same time
  2. acidplac

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    How long do page turns of PDF files tend to take?
  3. eeeKnot

    eeeKnot Pen Pal - Newbie

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    I experienced about 1 second
  4. lyingmachine

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    Hi eeeknot,

    this problem has been solved in the newest update.

    my suggestions:

    E-book reading:

    on annotation
    - add an undo button.
    - add a thinner pen, may be something like the pencil in the notes. The existing pen sometimes is too thick.
    - annotation in different zoom proportions should be seen in every other proportions.
    - should separate the pen button and the eraser button. It's too slow to click two times to change the function. And there still have space to add a button in the tool bar, why not separate them?
    - don't show the sub-menu in one click but in a long hold.

    on the dictionary
    - its hard to select the word through the highlight action, should improve.
    - And there is a bug on the dictionary, time to time when I'm using the dictionary while reading, I can't go to the next page. For example, if I'm reading p. 2 and using the dictionary, when I finished p.2 and click the arrow on the right hand corner, the page will not go to p.3 but will go to the other p.2. If then I press the arrow again, I will go to p.4 but not p.3.

    - add a page number selecting function (go to page xx). the "content page no. bar" is not enough. Its better if we can input the page no. by ourselves.
    - menu page should show more books in one page. The thumbnail is unnecessary. If you can't do that, at least remove the "buy more books" option.
    - should have a classifying function on the book menu. the tag function is not convenience enough.
    - cancel the re-size pdf function (the function of crop out the white space), its totally unnecessary, the zoom function is good enoguh. I need the white space to annotating. Annotation is the reason why I chose eee note but not Kindle. Furthermore, this function affects the performance of the Annotation Merger program.

    - add "a pages sequence re-arrangement" function. The adding page function is good but not enough.
    - I don't understand what is the point of the table function.

    the sync software:

    - as eeeknot said, should add a pdf-annotation merge function
    - add a note output as pdf function
    In fact, someone has designed a program which has these two important must have functions. Thus, if ASUS you can't have these functions in the next update, please, at least don't affect the performance of "the annotation merger."

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  5. pbarrette

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    Hi All,

    Here are the major flaws as I see them, listed in order of importance:

    1] The EeeNote Boot and Firmware Load:
    - Fix the underlying problems that cause firmware updates to fail:
    x) Do an fsck on the internal SD card to verify there are no bad blocks.
    x) Fix the UpdateEngine to detect write problems and attempt to work around them.
    x) Make the boot firmware and UpdateEngine detect an eTablet.rom file placed on the external SD card like the UpdateEngine code says it should.
    x) Provide a boot-time key or button hold combination that forces the Eee Note into update mode.
    x) Have the root system create a file on each boot. The boot system then checks this file to verify the function of the root system. On repeated failures, do an fsck or enter the UpdateEngine.
    x) Make the UpdateEngine set the needsUpdate flag when a firmware load fails.

    2] The Sync software:
    - The backup function is disorganized. It should create sub-folders for each backup automatically without requiring you to create them manually each time.
    - The restore function overwrites the sys.config file. The latest firmware added items to the sys.config file and a restore just overwrites the file with an old one.
    - The Sync software doesn't recognize when the Eee Note is in Emergency Update mode. Put an additional check in the search routine, then jump into UpdateClient code if an Eee Note is found on port 19999.
    - Fix the GIF masking on note export. You created the GIF Application Extension Block to hold the GIF's alpha mask. Please have the Sync software read and apply the alpha mask when you export the image.

    3] The EeeNote linux Subsystem:
    - Pick a Qt release and stick with it. Stop switching between 4.6 and 4.7 components.
    - Fix the rotation direction of "ts_calibrate -l" and add landscape calibration to the settings menu.
    - Provide an SDK with the contents of the /include directories so we don't have to guess which version of the libraries you're using and rebuild all of them with the source code you haven't provided.

    4] The EeeNote Interface:
    - Provide folder based browsing for the launcher and the applications with the ability to create folders. The ability to move items (apps, books, notes) between folders, or in the application's (or launcher's) root menu. Allow the ability to lock entire folders.
    - Allow the wacom pen button to act as a right click. Some of us have our own pens, and the ability to access right-click context menus would be nice.
    - Provide the details of the Config.xml and .Aconfig file formats. Where does the [note=""] text get displayed? What does [LEVEL=1] mean? Are there more LEVELs? What about the [APPEND] keyword?

    5] Item Locking:
    - Provide real encryption for locked items. I have sensitive data in my notes and books that I would like to actually protect. The current lock system is useless and painful to use.

    6] The Dictionary:
    - Go back to the non-proprietary StarDict format. I don't care about the new dictionary's ability to speak words if the remainder of the functionality is useless unless I speak Chinese.
    - Really.. Go back to the old dictionary. Dr. Eye is crap for non-Chinese speakers.

    7] Notes:
    - Provide email capability. If I take notes in a meeting, I'd like to be able to email those notes to my co-workers. Currently, I have to take my Eee Note home, use the Sync software to export the notes, then email it out manually. Allow me to email a PDF of the notebook to my contacts.
    - The ballpoint pen isn't pressure sensitive and the fountain pen is too thick. Provide thickness adjustment for the fountain pen, even if it's buried in a config file.

    8] The PhoneBook:
    - Bring it back and integrate it with the notes. A work or school based note tablet needs a contact list.

    That covers the major points. There are plenty of minor issues that I can live with, but the items listed above are important.

  6. eeeKnot

    eeeKnot Pen Pal - Newbie

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    music player:
    -background play possible while reading/writing
    -message box before performing backup asking "do you want to backup music files too"?
  7. maneex

    maneex Pen Pal - Newbie

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    EPub reader :
    - Add a "fit width" zoom level, and a scroll bar on the left, to allow scrolling & taking annotations without having to click on any buttons.
    - Allow to use the "eraser" of wacom pens just as in the note application.
  8. mescalinum

    mescalinum Pen Pal - Newbie

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    I think they should move stuff out of /etc/profile.
    It should go into an init script, like /etc/init.d/rc.local.

    /etc/profile is meant to be executed at login.
    with the ability to log in via telnet or ssh, executing /etc/profile again on every login is very unintended.
    (the workaround is to NOT use login shells).

    on the other hand, an init script is designed to execute things only once, at boot time (and starting the gui and the other services seems to belong more to the latter case).
  9. l1q1d

    l1q1d Pen Pal - Newbie

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    for developers:
    - explain how to create a rom (i succeded in decompress but not yet to compress one)
    - update to more recent kernel.

    Only mac users:
    - add wacom driver for mac
    - update the cdc driver on linux to correct detecting

    in general:
    - faster asus ftp server

    note interface
    - add recording button, it will be very usefull during classes.
  10. Bzz

    Bzz Pen Pal - Newbie

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    -Landscape mode for taking notes. the page is way too narrow in portrait mode, when taking notes in class.

    - Pen, pencil, fountain pen adjustable thickness - as said before.

    - dropbox!

    - copy-paste was a good addition to the notes. also needs "cut" and "rotate".

    - camera is bloody useless. tried to take some pictures of the whiteboard. got grey fuzz for my trouble. some kind of "camscanner" application might give it some purpose.

    - Pdf viewing should cut the empty margins of the page.

    that's it for now. will think of more :cool:
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