What is your limit for a compromise?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by Kumabjorn, Jan 7, 2018.

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  1. Kumabjorn

    Kumabjorn ***** is back Senior Member

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    We all have this inherent desire for the unicorn tablet, yet we also all know, at least subconsciously, that it will never appear. If for no other reason that the minute it is released some new component is also released that didn't make it into the machine. Hence, we all have to make some compromises when we make our purchase decisions. Reading other threads I've discovered that people are unwilling to compromise on parts that really surprised me. But that is ok, we all have different needs. So I thought it might be interesting if we had a discussion on what we are willing to compromise on and what we are not. Together with our justifications. Since I started it I suppose I should begin.

    I'm more than willing to compromise on speakers. Actually, I'd be fine with no speakers. The reason is that if I use the device at home I will have an external speaker connected. And if I use it away from home, Starbucks, park or other place I will connect earphones. One I don't want to irritate my surroundings and two I probably don't need them hearing what I'm listening to.

    I'm also finding that I am more and more willing to compromise on screen resolution. On a tablet, full HD is what you get anyway since you probably have to scale it anyway in order to be able to see your content (if you're under 30 this may not apply to you).

    I do find that I'm not willing to compromise on heat dissipation. If the back gets hot I can't really use it for my note taking scenarios. I wish reviewers would pay more attention to that detail. Asking in a store is useless, they just want to sell and tell you anything they believe you want to hear.

    In the same vein I'd say that weight, or probably more accurately, weight distribution, is something that irks me more than it used to.
  2. azaniramsan

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    For me, I'm willing to compromise:
    1. Speaker; for songs, movies and games, I use dedicated speaker/headphone
    2. Keyboard; I can live with any keyboard. Most if the time I bring in a mechanical keyboard for work.
    3. Thunderbolt; as long as it have at least Mid-range dGPU. Otherwise it's something I cannot compromise.
    4. Battery life; at least for 4 hours. Can't compromise anything less than 4 hours.
    5. Fingerprint; what's so hard about typing password?
    6. Webcam quality;
    7. More ports; I use Docking station anyway.
    8. Higher than 1080p resolution.
    9. Screen quality. Just basic ips quality. I don't need 90+ Adobe rgb screen

    Things I can't compromise:
    1. Wacom/ntrig; must have, preferably Wacom if I can choose. I won't buy any tablet without them.
    2. Thermal management;
    3. Kickstand; so I don't have to bring my own tablet stand for drawing.
    4. Mid range dGPU or Thunderbolt; I game occasionally and I do prefer gaming in highest quality setting as possible.
    5. Screen size between 12 to 15 inches. No smaller or larger than that

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  3. Marty

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    Hmm interesting topic, Kuma... ;)

    So for my graphics/coding work, I use one "super-tablet" instead of a laptop + companion tablet that I think most other mobile professionals use. Because of this, I can compromise on weight and thickness, but not on key performance components (in rough order of importance):

    My "deal-breakers" are:

    • Core M or below
    • <99% sRGB color gamut
    • 16:9 screen <13" (awkward in portrait)
    • No SD slot
    • Only one USB port
    • Loud fans

    I can "live with" compromises:
    • N-Trig digitizer
    • 4-hour battery life
    • No Thunderbolt 3
    • SATA3 SSD
    • No kickstand
    • Tinny speaker/poor cameras
    • Heavy (up to 5 lb) and thick (up to 1" w/cover)

    But I won't tolerate many of those compromises together, unless it offers a similar balance of preferred components:

    • OLED screen
    • Daylight-viewable screen
    • High-quality chassis/build
    • Wacom EMR
    • Discrete graphics
    • Thunderbolt 3
    • USB-C quick charging
    • NVMe/replaceable storage
    • Kickstand
    • Fingerprint reader/Side buttons
    • Decent value pricing
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  4. JoeS

    JoeS I'm all ears Senior Member

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    Agreed, nice topic. Off the top of my head, for my main machine:

    I'm not willing to compromise on
    - Basic specs: at least 8th gen Core i5, 1TB SSD, 8GB RAM
    - screen: at least 12", 1080p, 350nits (ruling out many Lenovo models - edit, but not the 2018 X1 Yoga!)
    - a touch screen
    - a backlit keyboard
    - a 3.5mm headphone jack. Thankfully those seem to stick around on laptops
    - battery life: at least 5h
    - any new docking solution that's not TB3

    Things that I'd really like to have, but that are not dealbreakers
    - dGPU
    - TB3 (basically a must have because the OneLink port is not coming back..)
    - External GPU support
    - an aspect ratio (way) lower than 16:9
    - user serviceable drive
    - slim bezels
    - biometrics for login (fingerprint/Windows Hello)
    - trackpoint
    - Wacom EAS or EMR (mostly for low IAF), in a silo
    - Eraser on the pen
    - yoga hinge, because detaching and re-attaching screens is a pain, and kickstands dig into your legs
    - scalloped/contoured keys
    - weight < 3 lbs
    - price <$2000

    Looking at the above list, the next gen X1 Yoga should hit the spot. And the wallet..

    Edit: seems like it does! They added Windows Hello and obviously 8th gen CPUs
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  5. darkmagistric

    darkmagistric Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    For me ...my level of comprise depends on my intended use of the device.

    Like my Cintiq Companion 2 and even my Mobile Studio Pro....which I used 99% for Art only....I could easily compromise on crap speakers....I would never use them....and instead I would always be using it with headphones in. And actually that was the case with the CC2 as I recall that had crap speakers.

    However my Surface Pro 3....and Galaxy Book 10.6......although I use them for Art (way more so the Galaxy Book)....I do alot of video watching on both devices....so for something that I intend to use more as an All-Around device.....I wouldn't be able to comprise on speakers at that point.

    Thats a pretty serious issue I have with some of the Zbook X2 reviews knocking the speakers as very poor quality....for Art use I won't mind.....but as the All in One Unicorn the Zbook X2 presents itself as......its disappointing to hear....or not hear as the case may be.
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  6. nnthemperor

    nnthemperor Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    I'm quite satisfied with the SB as my main device, but for a companion device, - I'm not willing to compromise on screen real estate no matter the size, 8 or 10". Huge bezels are just a no-no!
    - the above means I should be able to hold it in one hand.
    - Hoping MS delivers on the Windows on Arm, but if they don't ( already disappointed at the lack of WoA devices at CES), it's got to be fanless, i series or M.
    - nothing below 7hrs battery time.
    - don't mind pen protocol as long as it's either Wacom or Microsoft.
    - I can also live with crappy speakers. Never use my devices without headphones.

    There you have it, my expectations are not that hard to meet. Can I please have that device now?

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  7. thatcomicsguy

    thatcomicsguy Pen Pro - Senior Member Senior Member

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    Ha! This is a great topic; nice going Kuma! This is the kind of information manufacturers pay to know.

    For me it's really simple:

    A device must be able to allow me to draw effectively. So my "must have" list is short but draconian:

    1. High-quality digitizer.

    2. Big enough screen.

    3. Must run Windows art applications efficiently. (Minimum specs from ten years ago satisfied this for me, but I have come to a point where 8 gigs of memory is my new baseline. If the otherwise perfect machine showed up with only 4 gigs of RAM, I'd hold off to see what else came out over the next year.)

    4. Enough ports to allow for an external keyboard, ethernet, file transfer and whatever else might be needed, (all at the same time is much preferred, but if not available, wouldn't be a deal-breaker if there are no other options out there.) I have really come to appreciate the USB standard.

    5. A convenient paired keyboard is very important, but I might let that go for a unicorn. It would have to be a pretty great unicorn, though.

    6. High Build Quality which can be relied upon for months of on-the-go continuous use without issue.

    7. User serviceable. If I can't take it apart and replace its hard drive and battery, -or other parts which would otherwise render its service life artificially short means I would only be willing to spend a couple hundred on it at most.

    If any of these are missing, it would not be an effective tool for me and thus pointless for me to own. -Though, that doesn't necessarily mean I wouldn't pay attention with high interest to a product line, to watch how the technology develops.

    All other details are secondary bonuses when they work above minimum specs.
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  8. YVerloc

    YVerloc Scribbler - Standard Member

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    Almost ditto to That Comics Guy.

    Must be:
    Pressure sensitive pen capable. Ntrig or Wacom, either is fine.
    As big as possible. 20+ inches, yes I’m serious.
    200+ dpi
    16+ GB of RAM
    Quietish, but not necessarily silent

    Weight. I will totally carry a ten pound tablet if I need to
    Portability. Luggability is fine. Preferable even.
    Heat dissipation
    Ports. A couple of USB 2’s are /fine by me/
    Super duper don’t give a **** if there’s a silo for the pen. In fact, I’d prefer it not to have one, just to piss off Straussie.
    CPU. Don’t care don’t care don’t care. We’ve had all the CPU power I need for at least a decade.
    Battery life. A couple of hours if fine. More is better but I’ve got no problem plugging in.
    Serviceability. It’d be nice, I guess. But I’m totally fine without.

    For me a tablet is a drawing tablet I can move from place to place and surf the web on when I’m not drawing.
  9. Azzart

    Azzart Late night illustrator Senior Member

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    Surprisingly coming from me, I can compromise with... the pen. :D
    Assuming the rest is great.
    The Surface Book I got last spring for €1800 was exactly like that: the pen can't stand a chance against the one from Samsung but the rest... such a great computer it was.

    Curiously enough, I can't see myself compromising on the pen with a €2900 Surface Book 2 though.
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  10. WillAdams

    WillAdams Scribbler - Standard Member Senior Member

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    I've been really pleased w/ my Samsung Galaxy Book 12, and see it as only having a couple of compromises:

    - screen not really daylight viewable --- that's probably never going to happen again, and I'm very sad of it
    - thermal management could be better --- but the fan is quiet enough, I've stopped caring --- I just shut it down all the way if I'm not using it again soon
    - trackpad rather than TrackPoint --- since I don't do as much full-on writing / text-editing as I used to, not a big deal
    - screen not as high a resolution as I'd like --- ideally it would let me run apps at 200% as a standard option --- sorry, but it's been a while since 1080 x 720 pixels would really work for productivity apps
    - why can't there be a nice new stylus w/ a rocker side button which I can program?
    - really starting to miss physical buttons around the screen --- really wish someone would hit upon the idea of expanding on the standard volume control buttons with a full suite of media control buttons (which could be re-programmed)
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