What is your "Go-To" tablet?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by thatcomicsguy, Mar 21, 2017.

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  1. djas

    djas Graffiti User

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    Surface 3 with MS Wireless Display Adapter v2.
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  2. DRTigerlilly

    DRTigerlilly Tablet Lead Mod (Retired) Super Moderator

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    Toshiba Portege WT310/Z10T
    I bought the SP1 under duress, my 2nd x61T had died (they had replaced a Toshiba Portege M200) and I couldn't afford the tablet I wanted the Thinkpad Helix (which was probably a blessing in disguise, considering all the issues that model had.)

    I didn't like the dimensions of the SP1, thought it was heavy, bed-ability was an issue/concern, and the default resolution was threatening to blind me. I gifted it to my sister and eventually bought the Toshiba. (After a Lenovo Thinkpad 10 arrived DOA)

    Though the SP3 was appealing, I wasn't happy that Microsoft had chosen to abandon EMR for Ntrig. The Toshiba has not been without problems with its wonky touchscreen that Toshiba USA (STILL) refuses to fix, but I've installed Touch Tray Toggle and that allows me to disable the touchscreen to not have that be a problem. While I was trying to sort the Toshiba issue, I caved and got the SP4, and whereas I think it's a beautiful device, I love the weight, I love the dimensions, the beautiful screen (OMG the screen), bed-ability is much less of an issue, I am an EMR girl to the core, and I keep going back to the Toshiba.

    The Toshiba is my notetaking device. The SP4 is my laptop for everything else.

    I've noticed more recently that my handwriting has gotten better on the SP4, but I still find it too slippery, and the pen is uncomfortable for me to use for extended periods. I actually like the SP3 pen a little better, despite the improvements on the newer pen. The barrel of the SP3 pen is marginally smaller and it doesn't have the weird flat side. By contrast, the Toshiba pen is tapered at the area where you would hold the pen, it's lightweight, comes with felt nibs by default and combined with the factory installed matte screen protector, is a dream to write on. Toshiba definitely had the pen on paper feel down pat.

    END of my epistle :)

    11.6" HD make the dimensions pretty perfect.
    Full size SD Card Slot
    Micro HDMI port
    Atheros wireless (You need to check out the rants on Reddit about the Surfaces cheap grab with the Maxwell wireless card and the ensuing drama with the Bluetooth)
    Has emergency pen in the tablet body (but who uses these things?)

    Toshiba USA refuses to honor the INTERNATIONAL warranty b/c the device was purchased in the UK.
    Loud whine when the processor pushes hard
    Case is plastic and can be fragile
    Speakers are meh
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  3. neonnoodle

    neonnoodle Pen Pal - Newbie

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    Another iPad Pro 12.9 lover here. It has just the right feature set for what I want. It fits in my bag and I don't worry too much about battery life. The stylus performance is unparalleled. I've had a lot of tablets and tablet PC's over the years and none of them are as polished as the IPP.
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  4. Selofain

    Selofain Chronic Lurker

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    Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 2. I find that most days I'm too lazy to move stuff around my desk, dig out the stand, turn on the bluetooth keyboard, and flip my T901 to tablet mode, so my lovely T901 stays in laptop mode most days. I end up with the TPT2 across my knees to draw on while I do other stuff on the T901.

    Despite having an anemic Clover Trail and 2GB RAM, I find that I can do decent artwork on the TPT2. But honestly, the fact that I ended up keeping the TPT2 after buying it was mostly happenstance. If that hadn't happened, I'd still be using my lovely TC1100, still my favorite tablet pc ever.

    Still, I'll be glad to one day replace the TPT2. Clip Studio Paint is the only modern art program that works properly on this thing, which means I can't really evaluate new programs (because I'm not flipping the T901 just for that). I get the occasional sticky cursor where I need to move the pen out of range, then bring it back and wave it around to get the cursor moving again. I only just found out that the newest Wacom driver has this weird bug where an accidental brush of the pen button means that the cursor input gets stuck on ctrl+win, and the only way to get rid of it (and get any type of input back) is to force a reboot.

    Also, the usb port on the TPT2 can't power external hard drives. Gross.

    Coincidentally, I just powered up my TC1100 for unrelated reasons, and using it feels like a huge relief after the TPT2. Not in terms of speed, but the aspect ratio, size, and also just how much freaking better the Tablet Input panel is in Windows 7.

    Unfortunately, the PATA hard drive is slower than emmc. Yes, it's that painful.

    I'm really looking forward to the Galaxy Book 10. Though I'll wait for a deep sale. I have a hard time justifying new devices if the old ones work just fine.
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  5. Steve S

    Steve S Pen Pro - Senior Member Super Moderator

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    <<...Which one do you actually use?..>>

    ...During any particular period of time, I use at least three devices on a regular basis. A Surface 2 that's generally knocked about, a Surface Pro 4 and a Z Canvas.

    However, to answer what you're really asking: the Surface Pro 4. If I have to get up and running fast, it's my go-to device...
  6. Aman

    Aman Scribbler - Standard Member

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    Atleast right now,
    SP4,SP4,SP4,SP4 & SP4.

    I had a sp3,had to upgrade lately to SP4 due to issues.

    My dad and mom are on Surface 3 which may be upgraded after a year.
  7. okieiam

    okieiam Scribbler - Standard Member

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    Abroad? All in my signature. Ah except the laptop if the Yoga not in service
    Leisure time? Like coffee sessions, conferences, etc,... Always with Lenovo Yoga 500. And now Cube Mix Plus.
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  8. Burgundy

    Burgundy Scribbler - Standard Member

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    My go to tablet for sketching and drawing is my Ipad pro, but I almost always keep my Fujitsu T725 with me, in my bag, when it's something bigger or advanced, which requires straight up photoshop or another more full program.

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  9. stoneseeker

    stoneseeker Animator and Art Director Senior Member

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    For casually surfing on the couch or playing hearthstone: NotePro 12.2

    For drawing, painting or work at the coffeshop: T902
  10. Sweetpea8472

    Sweetpea8472 Scribbler - Standard Member

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    As companion for my PC: my Surface Pro 2.
    To take with me, wherever I go: my 8" Dell
    To read the newspaper: my Asus android tablet. I wish they'd implement a W10 app for that...
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