What is the Lifebook T3010D?

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by rcxAsh, Mar 25, 2006.

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    Hello, a Canadian here. I'm researching what deals I can get for Canada and it's extraordinarily limited. The best deals are in the US. Anyway, I saw this model on sale for $1399 (cdn) and the specs seems OK but I see no review or anything about this tablet. In fact, Fujitsu doesn't even list it anymore! :confused:

    So I assume that it's an exceptionally old model? But it comes come with a free external DVD-burner and all I'm using it for is taking notes (where weight would be a factor) and watching some dvix movies. So is it any good?
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    From what I understand, the T3010 is circa 2003. So I would say that it's considerably old.

    I found a couple reviews here:

    It appears to be lighter than Fujitsu's newer T4010/T4020 convertibles. (T3010 seems to be under 4 lb, whereas the T4010 is just over 4 lb). I've found the weight of my T4010 to be fine. Even lighter would be nicer, but I don't find myself complaining about the weight. It's already lighter than the more common 5 or 6 lb notebooks that people use.

    For purely notes, I would assume that it would fine - after all, when this tablet was in its prime, that was what it was used for!

    One thing though, from one of the reviews that I read, it sounds like it suffers from viewing angle issues. That is, unlike the more modern tablets, looking at the screen from certain angles may cause some shift in colour, etc. Depending on how you look at the screen when you take your notes, it may or may not be a problem.

    I would imagine that DivX movies would be ok? I know that I used to watch DivX videos on a 733 MHz Pentium 3 without issues (up until about a year ago).

    Just remember that there is no internal optical drive. It doesn't weight heavily on everyone, but it did for me (which explains my choice of the T4010 at the time)

    Hope this helps a little!
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