What Do You Want in the Surface Pro 5

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by dstrauss, Aug 24, 2015.

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  1. dstrauss

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    :oops: I sure are dumb at times...:oops:
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    As the undisputed Master of sarcasm I figured you to be the first to recognize it. You must have been in one of your rant moods.

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  3. alextrela182

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    I'm having the feeling that SP5 would be the first surface pro device that will skipping after purchasing 2-3-4 in 3 years continuously.

    Don't count Pro 1 as I was very skeptical and had major issue the very disappointing battery life and high temperature development.

    Just upgrade to Kaby Lake is not enough to me.
    Even thunderbolt port having it won't convincing me at all.

    I want major changes and improvements.

    1. minimum 3 USB ports(2 USB C +1 USB 3.0)
    2.Switching to OLED( I'm sick over 10 surface device all of them having light bleeding plus 2-3 of them had dead pixel)
    Future of screen technology is OLED as having more advantages over ancient LCD panel.
    3.DDR4 RAM enough with those ancient DDR3.
    4.No more crappy SSD drives like those at SP4/SB
    5.No more 4/128 version,entry level should be 8/256.
    6. Biggest battery capacity meaning 46-48MWh minimum.

    Or else give us power cover with built in battery as extra accessory.

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