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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by taylormun123, Oct 23, 2017.

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    So it worked one night. I plugged it in to recharge. I turn it on the next morning and the a 1.5 inch portion of the right of the screen where the short cut menu comes up for the wireless lan, screen brightness, rotation.... is all jumbled. The rest of the screen is fine. In fact, I can still tap in the scrambled portion if I know what's there under the scramble. But I can't understand what happened. THIS SUCKS. :eek:

    I'm in Vancouver and the only Samsung laptop service office is in Mississauga. What the heck can I do?

    Do not buy a Samsung. I was warned. The service is terrible. But I have their camera, a DVD player and a TV. All good. But all good whilst it's good I guess.
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    What model do you have? Is this Win10?

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