Weird question: Any tablet pc/2-in-1's out there using the UC-Logic digitizer?

Discussion in 'The Tablet PC Life' started by GammaPaladin, Jul 17, 2019.

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    A bit of a weird question I guess.

    I've used Wacom and N-Trig in the past, but I always had one HUGE frustration with them both. I was a graphite on paper artist way back in the day before I let myself get out of practice. But neither the Wacom nor N-Trig could ever produce a "graphite pencil" feeling for me.

    They both have the same problem. The pen pressure settings have a minimum threshold lock that you can't bypass, and for me it means that it takes too much pressure to register as a stroke. I feel like I'm pressing and pressing and then BAM, too much.

    Then I bought a cheap Monoprice tablet with the UC-Logic digitizer (With battery powered pen, but that's been far less of an issue than I'd assumed it would be) And with that I can actually get a decent simulation of graphite! Huzzah! If I so choose--and I do--I can set the pressure curves such that the barest ghost of a touch on the tablet registers as a stroke! This lets me do the sort of very fine gradation I'm used to, building up to darker tones slowly with multiple coats and repeated strokes across the same area.

    It doesn't go from "not registering" to "ARGH, that's too dark!" at the low end. I love it.

    There are pen displays that use it, and I'll probably get one some day, but I keep hoping someone will use it for an actual tablet PC of some sort.

    Anyone know if this is a thing yet?
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    Lol Wacom pen is only thing I want to use because it has the most linear and prefictable pressure curve. I had UC Logic tablet before, and I certainly don't remember it having better pressure curve. It wasn't bad or anything but it wasn't remarkable either.

    Anyways, the last mobile pen computing device to use UC Logic iirc was this ancient late 2000 Averatec convertible I bought with mobile Athlon XP as a CPU. No one made a device with them since afaik.
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