WD320GB Scorpio on T4220

Discussion in 'Fujitsu' started by digitallife, Feb 22, 2008.

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    Just switched from original Fujitsu 100gb/5400rpm drive to WD Scorpio 320gb/5400rpm drive today. Use "Complete PC Restore" from Vista Biz version. Work quite well except I have to backup the image on a third drive before I can transfer to the new drive. Wish windows would have "Super Duper" type of software for simple transfer.
    Anyway, the drive is very quiet, certainly huge capacity. Its performance is quite nice too (see attached HDTune data). But its running temperature is also a bit higher than Fujitsu (44 vs 35 in normal use condition). Haven't tested that impact on battery life yet. But with two batteries I was used to get 6-8hr with old drive. Hope the drop is not too big e.g. 6-7 will be still good enough for me. The startup time appears at least 10sec faster (now windows start within 1min)

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