Warranty "Fun": Encompass Service Solutions :(

Discussion in 'EP121 Slate' started by tannerwooden, Jun 12, 2012.

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    Ok, I don't normally do this, but I am so fuming mad right now. I have Microsoft's "Signature Support," warranty for my EP121. I started having the self clicking issue intermittently. I tried everything and nothing worked, of course.

    I called Microsoft who was wonderful and sent a 2 day air FEDEX box the very next day. They contracted the repair with a company called, "Encompass Service Solutions" down in Florida. Encompass kept it for 2 1/2 weeks doing, "testing." I have a laptop, so I wasn't missing the tablet at first, but I kind of need the thing for work, so I called.

    And called, and called. Long story short is, I kept getting the run around. Finally, a few days later (3 weeks now), I get a call. The girl says they can't find anything wrong with it and is there anything I would like to add. I tell her more details and give her this website. I'm pretty sure she doesn't write it down, so I ask her, "Please write the website name down. You can get all the detail you want and proof that this problem really does exist, it's just intermittent." She says, "Ok, I'm putting it in your file."

    She didn't write it down. I just found that out today when I called in to see what the status was. Online it showed that they ordered a part, so I was excited, thinking that they finally experienced the problem for themselves. No. They didn't. They ordered a new digitizer, but are not putting it in. Yes, you read right. The guy said that the techs did a screen calibration and that fixed the problem.

    Are you freakin' kidding me?!? I asked the guy if I could talk to the tech who was working on the PC. He says, "No, they aren't allowed to talk on the phone. There are no phones back there. You can communicate through me." What, are their techs slave labor? The guy's exact words were, "not allowed to talk on the phone." "Ok," I say, "did you look at the website I sent you guys to?"

    "What website?" He replies. Yeah, so no website got put in my file. I tell the guy the website and ask him to show it to the tech. He says, "Wait a minute, I'll run back and talk to her right now. Let me put you on hold." Hmm, so the phone guy's can go back to the tech room, but the tech guys can't come up to the phones? He comes back online about 10 minutes later and says, "The tech girl is familiar with your problem and says it's always caused by a bad digitizer. That's why she ordered one, but she's been unable to duplicate your problem, so we're going to send your laptop back to you.

    If you've made it this far, you may have noticed a contradiction or two. I did. I thought that a screen calibration fixed the problem. Why did the calibration supposedly "fix" a problem they didn't notice? I told the guy, "Listen, I am trying so hard not to scream and curse at you right now, instead I am just going to ask you nicely. Will you please put the new digitizer in my PC and fix my problem?"

    No, they won't.

    I didn't have any more time for phone calls today. I'm gonna call Microsoft tomorrow and see if I can't light a fire under their asses. Hopefully they haven't already shipped it by then.

    Sorry, but I had to rant.
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    <<...I had to rant...>>

    ...Lousy customer service is never fun. Be persistent, but courteous. Make sure that you get Microsoft involved in this, too. Microsoft's track record with other users seems to indicate that they will try to resolve this for you...

    Good luck...
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