Wanting to do more with the x230t... Thoughts?

Discussion in 'Lenovo (IBM)' started by T-ravisty, May 26, 2016.

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    So I'm looking to squeeze as much life out of the x230t before I have to opt for building a desktop - I'm looking at building one soon, but if I can throw around a bit of dosh to get me by easier for the next few months I'll be happy.
    Looking to spend ~AUD$2500 on a proper editing rig for 3D.
    Happy to spend ~AUD$300 to play around with the x230t.

    Currently I'm researching what I can do with the ExpressCard slot.
    In the moment it is occupied with a 3x USB 3.0 card. I'm considering three options.

    1. eGPU via ExpressCard - meaning adding a desktop GPU to get better performance, mainly for 3D use and video editing. See this thread on NBR.
    The only downside is that it seems that an external GPU can only work by having 8GB RAM or less due to a BIOS issue causing 100% CPU load.
    This is somewhat mixed considering there are some, if not dubious sources of information stating that it can work with 16GB, but again, the majority of information is stating that 8GB is the maximum allowed.

    2. 128GB 34mm SSD in the ExpressCard slot. Pricey, but handy as hell.

    3. SD Card Reader ExpressCard with larger SD cards. Cheaper than the above SSD, but I haven't done the research yet on speeds.

    - I'm looking at replacing the 320GB HDD with a 512SSD.
    - 64GB SD Card is inserted most of the time. Can increase that when needed.
    - 1TB HDD is stored in the Ultrabase 3 for now, I'm pretty happy with it staying there.
    - 256GB mSata is installed, that's fine as it is.

    I could 3D print some SD card storage to place in the empty ExpressCard slot as the extra USB 3.0 ports aren't used too often.

    Anyway, thoughts?
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    @T-ravisty with modded BIOS, you can indeed overcome eGPU 8GB RAM limitation. It will beep 5 times every boot after flashing it, unless you complete disable TPM, though. But it will also remove WLAN and WWAN whitelist, OTOH, allowing you to use 802.11ac cards, memory at 1600Mhz and faster, and other fancy stuff. You can should also replace your SSDs with 1TB-2TB 2.5", and/or maybe 1TB mSATA. I got a 1TB Micron M500 SSD for my Fuji for less than that ugly 128GB Expresscard beast you're considering is sold for. The only good use for expresscard slot is eGPU, because almost all cards run hot, and the slot itself is located too close to palmrest, the heat will annoy you more than any benefit they bring.

    If you really want to go full hardcore, get an i7-3632 CPU and ask someone with BGA resoldering station to do the job - but I`m pretty sure that's too much, given the machine's age.
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