Wacom PL-900 Accuracy heavily angle dependent - normal?

Discussion in 'Artists' started by hasso, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. hasso

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    Hi there,

    I own a Samsung 500t. the included pen is surprisingly accurate after 4-Point calibration with Wacom ISD 7.1.1-16.
    The pen though has no eraser and no second button. since the tablet has no hardware buttons and Artdock is not working on the Ativ 500t I wanted a Wacom penabled pen with eraser and 2 buttons.

    So I bought:

    Wacom PL-900 -UP-817E

    Samsung AA-DP3N55W/E Digitizer Eingabestift für ATIV: Amazon.de: Computer & Zubehör
    Has eraser and two buttons - seems ok so far.

    Motion Computing Digitizer Pen- eraser but only one button-
    Motion Computing: Specifications

    After calibration of the PL-900 or the MotionComputing pen, accuracy seems ok. But !!! As soon as one changes the angle of the pen during sketching accuracy is down.

    For example: normally you hold the pen with a certain angle during drawing. But then sometimes for certain strokes one changes the angle. (pointing the eraser away from the painting person and holding the pen so that the tip points to the painting person) In that case the pen crosshair is then up to 2 mm off the actual pens tip location. This happens for any angle which is different to the angle the pen is actually calibrated with. cheating the calibration by intentionally hitting the calibrationpoints with offset and/or holding the pen during calibration vertical at 90 degree does not help.

    This is in contrast to the bundled original Samsung Ativ pen. Once calibrated, the holding angle is not having impact on accuracy.

    Anyone has the same experience with Wacom PL 900?
    I would like to buy a Axiotron Studio pen- but I could not see any ebay or amazon offer.

    Anyone using a wacom penabled pen with 2 buttons without having pen angle offset issue?

    Thanks for any hint
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  2. stoneseeker

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    Is the bundled 500t pen quite a bit smaller in size? It may have to do with the pen sensor in the PL-900 being much further from the screen and not sensing it properly as a result. still, others have used larger pens on the 700t with no issues, so it's weird the 500t would give issues when I think they come with the same pens?
  3. dream3

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    I have a surface pro and that angle things happens with the surface pro pen AND with the PL-900 the same way...I have it calibrated so It matches the angle I use the most, cause otherwise it will be annoyingly off, yes.
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