Wacom One - New Affordable 13inch Pen Display with S-pen EMR

Discussion in 'Artists' started by darkmagistric, Jan 8, 2020.

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    I'd agree with this. I know Huion is launching a QHD 24". It's possible they are having issues with multi-touch. The Bosto implementation is well, not great. I keep reaching out to them for a review unit and they for some reason wont sent me one. This is odd because I had somewhat of a relationship with Bosto. I know their support guy and engineer and used to talk to them over QQ. Makes me think the touch doesn't work well. So maybe less of a cost thing and more of a they cant get it to work. Even Wacoms implementation isnt perfect by a mile.
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    Could be that touch for prodding on-screen "buttons" to activate / deactivate things is so much easier than using touch for controlling and adjusting gestures. Brad Colbow's Wacom One review brought up two concerns for using the device with a phone -

    1) Only certain very expensive Android phones can run the Wacom One.
    2) If your phone isn't a Samsung (and a top-end Samsung flagship model) - much less likely to work.

    But the one positive was:
    3) The phone's touch "could" (after a fashion) be used to activate controls - but it relied on Samsung Dex to work.
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    Wacom one is still too expensive. I choose to buy a second-hand 14 inch 1080p i3-8130u 8gram Dell chromebook 7468 for only $200. After replacing the Chrome OS System with windows 10, it will be equivalent to a wacom one that can run independently.

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