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    Anyone experiencing issues with Cintiq mode lately on PC?

    “No Input Signal” is shown on the MobileStudio Pro when connected to a PC desktop. Wacom Desktop Center shows the MSP 16 is connected, pen and touch work fine on the main monitor, but it doesn’t see a screen if you try to edit display settings. It doesn’t show up in Windows and Nvidia settings, sometimes rarely it will during the problem, but as a generic display with no resolution choices, no picture, though it sees it below 640x480 at 6bit.

    • USB-C (center) to USB-C on 2080 RTX. Always worked before
    • Wacom Link (not Plus) with USB 3.0 and DisplayPort on 2080 RTX. I thought if the USB-C virtual link was a driver issue, then surely this would work, but same issue.

    Randomly fixed?
    • Usually after an hour or two of reinstalling Nvidia drivers, trying older versions, reconnecting cable, reboots, restring Wacom settings, reinstalling or updating, the MSP randomly works in Cintiq mode.
    • When I first had this occur around November, I reconnected the cable a few times, and out of frustration I reversed the USB-C cable it worked. So odd, and of course that has no effect, so i feel it is completely random when it starts to work.

    Randomly stops:
    • Monday I got it working through trial and error as stated above, even continued working after a few reboots and into late Tuesday. I step away from my computer for 30 minutes and the no input signal has returned.
    • I wonder if Windows starts the issue after putting the displays to sleep and then it never wakes up or detects the MSP display after.

    Works with MacBook despite this issue on PC:
    • just to be sure it’s not the MSP and/or the port, it goes into Cintiq mode perfectly fine on the lowest spec MacBook 12.

    So anyone else experience a “no input signal” error with Cintiq mode lately?
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