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Discussion in 'Artists' started by BobBee, Oct 4, 2016.

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    As an owner of a MSP 13 for over 2 years now, I feel confident in saying both of these concerning discoveries are utterly false.

    I've used my MSP in all manner of scenarios of plugged, unplugged, and in the process of plugging and plugged. Two years later....never once an issue or problem resulted from it.

    And the Pro Pen 2 only has 2 styles of Nibs, the default Black ones, and the white felts ones. I bounce between both, typically favoring the Felt nibs...which wear down a tad quicker necessitating me buying additional felt nibs from B&H. Now while the nibs themselves may wear down....over two years of usage and poor upkeep (rarely ever clean the screen)....my MSP 13's screen is still completely scratch free.
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    Thanks for responses. They got with me a while back to confirm what you already knew, and I've just been too exhausted from work and not near a wifi spot at the right time to post on it.

    On another note, this got started because I had many RMAs so far over the stuck pixels thing, and was just reading over the documentation in the slight chance I might find an insight. This latest unit is likely from a different batch, as the serial # starts with WJH instead of WIH.

    I saw it begin to happen again a few weeks ago, but this time they did not remain stuck. This occurred after I decided to plug the charger into the middle USB-C port, which, as far as I know, is where all the Cintiq-mode stuff is handled. (I will likely never use that feature.) This lines up with a very interesting comment made earlier in the thread about someone experiencing a similar anomaly when using Cintiq connectivity, but I can't go back to find it right now. For the time being, I'm never going to use the middle port for charging.
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    Found out I don't need a Wacom Link anymore.

    I have a new iBuyPower machine with an Asus Turbo RTX 2080 in it. Like all the new cards, it has a USB-C port for VR, so it handles some data for cameras and other sensors. But it's full functionality and compatibility has always been uncertain. I could of sworn I read reports the MSP did not fully work on such ports.

    Well, using the USB-C cable that came with my LG Ultrawide (I assume a Thunderbolt 3 variation), the MSP works perfectly as a Cintiq with a single cable plugged into the GPU from the MSP's center USB-C port.

    Looking forward to reducing the cables and not having to have the box-splitter on my desk.

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