Wacom MobileStudio Pro. How to connect to my PC without the Wacom Link?

Discussion in 'Artists' started by MarshallGraham, Dec 31, 2016.

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    Hello everyone,

    I have a couple questions regarding the Wacom MobileStudio Pro software compatibility and hardware connectivity. If anyone has a working solution to any of these issues, I would be most grateful for the assistance.

    I recently reacquired a MobileStudio Pro 16' for my game project that I am currently working on as the character artist and animator for my team. The main programs that I use for my workflow are Zbrush 4R7, 3DS Max 2015, Maya 2015 and Photoshop CC 2017. I figure one of the big rules when it comes to game development is never upgrade the software until after the project is complete. That's why I am holding off the latest versions for now, unless I have no remaining options.

    While the tablet itself works and feels great to use, some of the programs such as Max 2015 do not display icons and text within the program at a size that is easily legible and I am unsure as to how to remedy the issue, even after modifying the display, text size, or UI settings in both the program and main settings. Some programs such as Maya 2015, on the other hand, will not install at all and claim to be an error issue. As to what that error is remains unknown to me at the time of writing this. Zbrush just needs an activation code so not much I can do there until Pixologic's customer service gets back in gear until after New Years (great considering that is my main program).

    As for connecting the tablet to my laptop, that is another ball of wax. At the time of posting this Wacom has yet to announce a release date for their Wacom Link, which should in theory allow you to connect the tablet computer to your PC and use it like a Cintiq tablet, (yea fantastic foresight there Wacom). Sarcasm aside, I have tried a few cables and various ports to change the USB-C ports to USB 3.0 ports, vice versa, and connect a HDMI cable via a multi-port hub which has a USB-C male end to plug into my MobileStudio Pro

    In theory this should have all worked, connecting my MobileStudio Pro to my laptop, since the proper ports were used and the wiring was as simple I I could make it, given the supplies I have around. However, while I received a notification that something had connected to my laptop, there was so new display detected by my laptop.

    Apologies for the long setup, but I felt like context was necessary.
    Bottom line here are my questions.

    1. Do you know of a way that I can connect my MobileStudio Pro to my laptop so that I may use it as a Cintiq tablet for the time being, until Wacom releases their official link?

    2. Do you know of a way that I can format my 3DS Max 2015 to become legible on my screen which is a 4K display?

    3. How do I get around this error preventing me from installing Maya 2015 and possibly the legibility issue that would crop up like question 2?

    4. Are their any other issues you've encountered regarding software compatibility, like Marmoset Toolbag 2, Substance Designer/Painter, Marvelous Designer etc. and what to do to avoid future issues? I haven't installed the programs yet but I figured it best to ask for future reference.

    I greatly appreciate any advice you have, and the sooner this is resolved, the sooner i can get back to my work smoothly.

    Thank you for your time

    -M. Graham
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    I just got my MobileStudio Pro 13 working as a cintiq tablet connected to my PC. I was flying blind with no instructions but it is now working as a Cintiq. I did not have a displayport card or UCB-C (with DP Alt support) card and it took a few weeks to track these down.

    I now have the VisionTek 5450 PCIe Dual DVI + DP card and also the Sunix UPD2018 card. The Sunix card has a DP 1.2 input to feed the video signal out through one of the 2 USB-C ports.

    When the Wacom is connected to the Sunix Card, via a USB-C cable, the PC initially recognises the MSP as a 3rd monitor (I have a dual monito setup) .not as a mirror of the main monitor. But when I used the multiple monitor configuration tool and set the MSP to duplicate the main monitor then it became a cintiq tablet. Calibration was needed of course. I need to contact Wacom tomorrow so see if there are any instructions.I've seen nothing so far.
    Hope this helps
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    Hi Jim,

    While I believe you've already returned your MSP due to issues, can you explain them in more detail. I'm contemplating trying the Sunix card instead of the Wacom Link for cleaner one cable setup.

    You mention the MSP is initially recognized as a 3rd monitor. Did it act as a Cintiq at that point? For example, did the pen work and did the Wacom control panel see it and allow you to use display toggle and mapping options?

    I don't plan to mirror displays. Is that where you were only having issues? Your post on the Wacom forum only mentions the issue of the resolution being limited when mirroring. I'm confused by that being an issue, as you have to use a resolution that both monitors support when mirroring.

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