Wacom Feel-it Drivers for TabletpC : no more middle click ?

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    hey all,

    I just bought a refurbished HP x2 1013 g3 (wacom AES 2.0 MPP 1.51).
    With the recent wacom drivers (> 7.5.1-xx), I can't find any option to map the middle click on the side buttons of my stylus.
    On my Yoga 720 15IIKB with wacom feel driver 7.3.4-38, the option is still here.
    If I use the HP Rechargeable Pen on the Lenovo, it's recognized and the side buttons work as middle click and right cick. Unfortunateley I can't get 7.3.4_38 to install on the HP.

    It seems Wacom removed the option to map middle click sometime between 7.3.4-52 and 7.5.1-29.

    7.3.4-52 revA gives me right and middle click option, but I loose tilt sensitivity and there's an issue with the right/middle clicks sending 'scroll down' command when they are pressed, so I'm currently trying to find older drivers (>7.3.4-52 and <7.5.1-XX) to get the middle click functionnality on the HP x2 1013g3 (ideally with tilt and no issues).
    anyone had old drivers somewhere ?

    alternatively I'll have to find a way to remap the barrel buttons. TabletPro is not working reliably on HPs.
    any help is welcome. Thanks

    edit : just found this wacom component drivers page but no drivers fits my requirements :

    edit 2 : Nevermind, the side keys can be remapped with autohotkey (somehow it didn't work with HP's customized drivers, but it works with wacom 7.6.1-22) so everything is working fine now.
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