Wacom Driver Software Problem Windows 8

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Noirjk, Feb 4, 2018.

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    I posted this on an other forum too but:

    I couldn't find my problem anywhere and got frustrated.

    Before formatting the laptop, everything was fine. I could use my Wacom tablet and except the laptop as a problem itself, nothing was bad. I can't remember the old software but it wasn't Windows 8 as it is now. Maybe 10, not 8 for sure. Now I tried to download the driver but whenever I try to open the .exe file nothing happens. Trying as administrator and it says that software doesn't match. Laptop didn't solve it and other drivers aren't different.

    I also wanted to know after format, do I still need the key to use my tablet 'cause I don't have it anymore. Couldn't fiynd the answer either. Even wifi connection isn't there.

    Now I'm really mad. I bought Photoshop CC just for this and nothing works.

    I saw an other thread about this but my tablet doesn't even work. Not as a mouse, nothing. I don't have the CD.. My mother thought they were trash and didn't keep them. I didn't even know back then. Please. I can't buy anything new. Can you help me?
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