Wacom Cintiq HD and Power Banks

Discussion in 'Artists' started by Adam-H, Nov 26, 2017.

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    Is it possible to use a power bank as a power source for a display tablet? I'm not talking about tablet computers like the mobile suite pro, just display tablets like the cintiq hd.

    I live in a place where electricity isn't a constant luxury, so i want to know if i can use power banks instead as a power source for my display tablet.
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    ....It should...but what Display tablet do you have?

    I see this girl every now and then at a local Barnes & Nobles Cafe I frequent regularly. Her setup is a Macbook Pro with the older Cintiq 13HD....I never really talk to her but she does have some sort of powerbank to power the 13HD......Its a square/box thing....but she adorned the whole thing in Stickers so I'm not really sure what brand, make, or model of powerbank it is, but given that it can power a Cintiq 13HD, it probally has an AC outlet directly on it....and it's way larger then the smaller frame cellphone power banks.

    I also have the Lenovo Lt1423p Display/Pen Monitor....which runs off two USB-3 Ports for Power/Data/Video.....when used with my Surface Pro 3 which only has one USB port, I can connect the other USB connection to an external cellphone powerbank and power it.

    Now the Cintiq Pro's on the other hand.....I don't have either....but since they can operate via single USB-C connection....they must be able to draw enough power from your Laptop or Desktop to fully operate. Even with the Wacom link that just offers Display Port and USB-A....so.....I would have to imagine it would work the same as the 13HD and be power bank friendly.....unlike the MSP which has an unfortunately locked down USB-C.
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