Wacom Cintiq alternatives - A closer look

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by whazzup, Dec 14, 2011.

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    I would really like to go and do it, but other time commitments combined with a complete lack of documentation online make it nigh impossible for me at the moment.

    I think I will hold off for the time being for the fact that I just received word that XP-Pen confirmed on Amazon's Q&A that they have a 4K graphics tablet planned to compete with the Cintiq Pro:

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    Fantastic! Thanks for digging that out.
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    Sorry again for the delay, i initially wanted to reply to one bit as the Cintiq has still been sitting in a corner of 'my' (temporary-little) desk there isn't a lot more i could say for now.

    Yes when i mentioned my initial 'test' ('first impression') about the Wacom 16, drawing zoomed out and trying to draw tiny/details was the first (and almost only) thing i did with the Wacom16 just to be sure it was an improvement over the XP-Pen, that the difference in price was worth it... or i could return it too

    And again it really seems similar to my 2015's TPYoga 12's experience or to the Galaxy Book 10...
    But i'm still really not confortable being definitive about anything, I barely doodled with it

    The comforting thing i guess was to be back to a Wacom EMR's feeling. Hence at least not expecting really big surprises/something very unusual.

    (I mean, Wacom EMR or Apple AES, one or the other, to me, it's fine. Guess they both feel like 'home' now. While Procreate is a great selling point on the iPad and for instance Sketchbook Pro is also a lot more practical to use on iPad, I don't see myself doing any 3D or stuff with a convoluted workflow on something else than a PC.)

    About air gaps again, the Wacom 16 hasn't less gap than my TPY12, it could possibly even be more. Although my Samsung Galaxy 10 has way less air gap than both the TPY12 and Cintiq 16.

    And mentioning the 2018 iPad (owned very briefly before my Mini 5) i started borrowing one from someone to use it a bit again, now that i've had more time with the Mini 5. I was wondering if the difference in display (laminated etc) /really/ mattered, was really that much important. But maybe... maybe just wanted to use Procreate again on a bigger display.

    I remember you mentioned one problem with lines (i saw the pics) on your 2018's ipad & i found it strange.. Because it's not something i had/that happened with mine.
    Is it only your device/Pencil or is it common? It's not all 2018 iPads+Pencil? Because then i'm surprised...

    Anyway, too many devices and i end up doing more maintenance or more testing than digital drawings/paintings/etc that it's absolutely silly.

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