Wacom Cintiq alternatives - A closer look

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by whazzup, Dec 14, 2011.

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    Sorry for super late reply. I do notice that VA panel had some slight greenish shift when head turn close up. I wouldn't really notice if I wasn't used to IPS panel and try to match color. When I try to adjust the color to be close to IPS panel upfront, I would notice some greenish tint at the right and left edge working up close. I mostly do line art and anime art , not used to big size so only draw in the middle with right and left space used for tool and preview, and also have IPS tablet to check so it's not that bad.
    I mostly use the UM16 now though, 16" is perfect size and the IPS panel is good.

    Did you test USB-C to USB-C with the UM-16? Does it work? Actually even with the included USB-C to triple cable, I still find the USB-C cable comfortable long enough to connect from PC to bed to put on my lap without a wired mess. :p
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    Hey @crazycat, it turns out the USB-C on my desktop doesn't support HDMI alt-mode so I still haven't been able to properly test it.

    Another piece of info; I also tried the USB-C port on the Galaxy Book 12, but in this case even though HDMI alt-mode is supported, their may not be enough power supplied by the USB-C port alone.

    So right now, it's still up in the air whether this possible or not. For my next test, I'm going to try on a TB3 enabled port (which should have all the pre-requisite output data/power capabilities) and I'll report back. ;)
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    Does anyone know if there are any good cintiq alternatives out these days with touch? Due to being massively sick I spent some time laying on the couch working on my BB Thinkpad yoga instead of my workstation and using it again have come to remember how much I love pinch to zoom and rotate.

    I'm currently using the monoprice 22 HD with the battery-less pen which works well most of the time (Telegram being open kills the pen pressure for some crazy reason) but I'm wondering what's out there with touch functionality as well.
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    The real reason why Wacom is better than the rest is the pen tip response. The tip sensor for Wacom pens give you much better pressure response than competitors' pens with much less tip travel distance, and have much better pressure curve. This is something that you can't map on a grid, but have to feel by drawing. And frankly, most none artists don't have enough hand dexterity to feel the difference

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