W21H1 Surface Studio 2 HEAT

Discussion in 'Microsoft' started by Bishop, Jun 19, 2021.

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    So, I just ran the update to 21H1 on my Studio 2. No problem it finished and rebooted. Then I saw the cumulative update for 21H1, ran it while I was doing some other browsing. Noticed the fan running hard. Got the restart now notice, restarted.

    Back to the bright blue screen counting percentage and spinning the wheel, fan running hard and suddenly, the screen went black with a huge thermometer icon on the screen. It cut itself off.

    I've never seen this before. Anyone else have a similar experience?

    UPDATE: The chassis was way hot to the touch. After it cooled back to normal, I restarted the machine. It picked up running the update and, fortunately, rebooted normally.

    (Working from my SPX)
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    Wow, @Bishop! That sounds like a scary Update experience. Glad to hear it didn’t fry your Studio.
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